DILDs via RCs

Second and third one can be answered “yes” by same person.Using rc just to confirm is i think about same like “i never had ld via rc”.
Just a thought.

Thanks Jack, I changed it to what I meant.

I did RCs when non-lucid,but they failed and so i just continued my dream.I also did RCs when low-lucid,but they also failed,and so they just made me loose my lucidity.
So,till now RCs aren´t doing any good for me,but to be fair,i never did them seriously for a longer period of time.
Still,i think it works better for me to question reality without doing any special checks (as Jabbervocky (?) described in “DILDs without RCs”)


When I used to use them a lot, it was always to double-check. Only once do I recall ever having done one while thinking it wasn’t a dream.

These days, lucidity just comes out of the blue, although it isn’t exactly a sudden realization. It takes a few seconds to take full effect, like a fluorescent light. Maybe that’s how long it takes some chemical to flood the brain or something.

I’ve done both. My very first lucid dream was when I was in my bedroom and just decided to do a reality check using my clock. I was very surprised. Most other times, though, I’ve done reality checks while suspecting I was dreaming and done them to confirm it, so I chose that option when I voted.

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I have had that feeling a few times, thinking, “hmm… I can’t be dreaming right now, that would just be wierd” then looking at a clock or counting my fingers and realizing I am dreaming. Normally I will then commence to exclaim, “well then… I certainly got a lot of things done then…”

I think reality checks are more important then we percieve them to be. When I became interested in Lucid dreams, I did RCs…but they merely consisted of telling myself I was dreaming (while I was awake). My LDs come and go spontaniously without doing RCs. I’ve realized that reality checks are extremely important, and I’m looking forward to doing them more often. Plus, I think RCs should include noticing the five senses at the time and asking yourself questions about the current situation.

I do them after i realize i’m dreaming.

it mostly goes like this: “wait a minute, i’m dreaming, aren’t i?” and then i look around to verify i use the clock method and the finger through wall/mirror method most.

So i use the RC to verify - but sometimes the RC doesn’t work (my finger won’t go through the wall) but i’m already sure it is a dream so i try again until it does go through.

I’m glad you mentioned the finger through the wall Pasquale. This one didn’t work for me last night during a false awakening (once on a wall and once on a mirror to be exact) so I gave up and figured I must be awake. Next time, I’ll keep trying as well. :content:

The finger-through-the-hand yielded some strange results for a friend of mine. I told him about LDing one day, and that night he had an LD but the only reality check I told him that he remembered was finger-through-the-hand, so he was just incredibly amazed and did that for the entire dream. He said it went a little something like this:

“So, I was dreaming and then, like, I realized, ‘woah… this is a dream’, and so I did what you said I should try and stuck my finger through my hand, and it felt kind of funny, and I thought, ‘wow! that is awesome! my finger is going through my hand!’ so I just kept doing that for the rest of the dream, just plain amazed.”

Sounds like he may have dreamt he had an LD, but he reported the “feeling” of LDing without me having told him, so I doubt that he was not lucid for that reason.

Hahaha :grin: Pretty funny how he stuck his finger through his hand for the whole dream!

Mate, you should fill him in on the full capabilities of a lucid dream and he’ll really be amazed! :wink:


Yeah, he is a really good friend of mine so he knows about all the random stuff I do now, and I think he might want to go ask Jimi Hendrix to give him a few guitar lessons in the future… At the time, he just didn’t know that much, and I don’t think I told him any of the spinning/hand-rubbing/concentrating techniques, so he didn’t know how long the dream was going to last.

On the few occasions that my reality check of pushing my finger through my hand has failed, I just try something else. Never just assume that you are awake, because if you find yourself truly wondering whether or not you are dreaming - you almost certainly are!

Probably over 60% of my lucid dreams are induced by looking at my hands (they’ve always had something wrong with them, but never the same thing) but the rest I just come to realization. Usually then I look at my hands to make sure and do another RC- like push through a mirror.

On the finger-through-the-hand topic, the only time I’d tried that i had stuck my finger through my hand and the first time it went through like water (and I scared some dream characters by doing it). Later I tried to do it again and my finger went through, but only in-between the thin bones in my palm and my finger didn’t fit as far through, and that was really wierd feeling… I had to reassure my brain what I was doing before it let it go all the way through.

I miss an option for “Unsure - RCing to confirm that I’m dreaming”. Well I’ll check the already lucid option anyway…

It happened only once that I became lucid through a RC… It could change in future, naturally, but now I mostly use RC to make sure I am dreaming (when I already know it), to test different RC or to demonstrate DC’s what I can do. But RC can have one more function; it is a media to help us to remember about dreams during the waking-life. If we do many RC, we become more critical and kind of prepare ourselves to believing that we are dreaming. It could even be their main function, though it is more difficult to trace. Like placebo effect… I mean, they can really work and be used in dreams to become lucid. But it is the same thing that any medicine, which has two actions: its real chemical/physiological effect… PLUS the effect, which would be received from an absolutely empty thing, given to the patient with the words it is a medicine. RCs are an empty thing, but their effect is not only using them in LDs.

I became lucid from a RC once, and was shocked to see the glowing circle in the air. :eek: Usually I just use them to be sure, or to prove to a DC that it’s a dream.

Its not that simply to vote lucid/not lucid on this one… let me rather explain.

This is long ago, when I started LDing, before I could ‘feel’ a dream.
I would normally become suspicious, but not yet lucid. Then I would check if its a dream - but if the check fails, I stay non-lucid.
So… its neither lucid or not lucid, its that unsure stage in between.

Nowadays things are a bit different and that unsure stage is either short, or non-existent. Mainly cos I can feel that its a dream somehow, so theres no doubt.

Oops, I meant, “RCs are NOT an empty thing”… Sorry double-post, but they cannot be edited, so…

I usually say to myself out of nowhere “Hey, I’m dreaming!” in my dreams, rather than question it first. It usually works, but once I just thought “So what?” and lost lucidity. It really sucked…