Disappearing dreams...

Many times, right after I wake up, the dream that’s fresh on my head simply disappear. Does anybody know why that happens pretend there’s a question mark here… Lousy college keyboards >_>

YEAH, thats very strange, like you only need to make one single move in your bed, and suddenly its all gone, and you cant even remeber what it was about. Would be interesting to see the explanation of it, if one exists. :content:

There are some theories of memory being state specific. So being awake is a different state from being in a dream.

I find that sometimes I can reconnect to lost dreams by changing positions and letting mind drift. Eg. I lie on my back for few minutes, then roll onto my rights side.

It seems like if I chase after the dream memories they elude me. But if I let them come back, then sometimes I can get the dream back. :smile:

It happen to me a lot of time and I hate that !

Same here, what happens to me is I completely recall and sometimes even interpret the dream right before I go to record it…then my mind goes completely blank when I have the pen in hand.

Yes, that happens to me, too. Dream recall is a funny thing, and it can do unfortunate things to you.

:hmmm: I think I have an idea to fix that problem. For your emoticons while posing, click on either :confused: or :eh:, then do some backspacing and taking extra things away to get a question mark. :good:

That was just an idea that I had.

Good idea :razz: I’ll use it next time

What there is no ? in your keyboard ?

Why ? The button is wasted ?

It must be something concerning short term memory and long term memory. I suppose dreams are not copied into the long term memory, unless you remember and note them when awake, otherwise you should remember them as real life memories. Just my two cents! :wink:

Except of course that sometimes you do remember them as real life memories! Just the other day, I had a dream that all the breakfast cereal had run out and I’d have to eat the disgusting cereal I don’t like - I thought it was a real memory until I got downstairs and saw that there was plenty still in the cupboard! (I didn’t even try and remember it, either, since it was a totally disconnected fragment.)

Usually I can distinguish easily between dream memories and real memories by the content, but on the odd occasion I dream about something that’s plausible in real life, I start getting really confused. To me, dream memories feel exactly the same as real ones - I can’t rely on how they feel, only on logic.

If you want to prevent your dream memories going straight out of your head, just don’t let anything distract you. Alarm clocks, intruding parents, etc. Waking up slowly helps a lot, I find.