Disturbing sex! ARG!

Hey all! I HATE asking this…I really do :shy:, but it’s been bugging me for A LONG TIME! I’ve noticed that in my dreams…I’m…uhhh…um…VERY “aroused” sexually in my dreams…and it gets in the way of things I REALLY want to do (like meet Celebs)!!! WHAT CAN I DO? PLEASE HELP ME! :cry: :help:

LDGirl :wiske:

Do you have that in all dreams, ND, LD, etc? It’s rather typical to have more erotic dreams during the day, I believe. :wink: From what I’ve read and heard from others, sexual arousal can also occur more frequently during LD’s. (Or more like: it can be the first thing people think of doing when they go lucid… :grin: )

If it’s in all of your dreams, normal and lucid alike, then there’s still possible causes… :wink: Frustration, maybe… or hormones. It’s not uncommon for us girls to have a lot more dreams like that the week before our period. Maybe check your calendar! :slight_smile:

BTW, I have sex in my dreams be it RD OR LD. Also BTW, I have NOT had my period for 4 months :grin: :grin: :grin: …it’s been VERY NICE! No need to worry, I’m going to the Doc ASAP. I was on birth control for 2 years TO REGULATE MY PERIODS(I was more than screwed up)…I AM NOT “PREGNANT”!!! :grrr: I hate that people stereotype girls when they hear they are on “the Pill.” It really makes me MAD. There are a billion girls on b.c. and they are only taking them to REGULATE PERIODS. Sorry…just thought I’d clarify that. :grin: I thought it COULD be hormones…but then again you never know!