Dizziness Upon Reaching Lucidity

In one of my first LD’s, I had a FA, and I was looking at a picture, and I realized every time I looked away from it and then looked back, the picture was different. I decided to get up and do a reality check by turining the lights on and off(trying to breathe through a plugged nose is much more effective), and when I got up, I was so dizzy I could barely stand. Has anyone else had this problem?

PS - The night of this LD I took several Sleep Naturally pills and used WBTB.

no i have never had it. Are you shure you wasnt just sleepy. It could have been the slleping pills… but i dont really know wath they contains.

I don’t think it had anything to do with the sleeping pills, cause you were in a dream. Real dizzyness must be related with internal ear and bodily sensations merging in the brain and those processes are certainly not working when you’re sleeping.

I remember having had some curious effects during FA’s, like feeling very sleepy (what is funny cause I was already sleeping :smile: ). Actually FA’s contents are often very close to OBE-like LD’s (you’re in your bedroom, you get out of your bed) and many people experience loss of balance during OBE’s. But I don’t know what it could be due to. :confused:

I definately have had this. Both feeling sleepy and feeling dizzy, especially in ND’s and near-LD’s. Once I get full lucidity, it all passes. Some of my WILD’s start like this too.

In fact, I’ve thought I was drunk in many ND’s because of this. Sleepy and dizzy? Gotta be drunk, says my SC.

I’ve never been dizzy, exactly, but I’ve certainly gotten strange sensations upon becoming lucid. A few times, the sheer excitement of realizing I’m dreaming has caused a sort of rush–I felt panicked and elated and terrified and enormously pleased all at once. Almost caused me to wake up, because my real body felt those sensations.

I wouldn’t be too concerned about your dizziness, unless it starts happening frequently.

I experience FA a lot, I cant say Im a fan really because it can get jumbled with RL and that causes problems :wink: however, the dizziness is something I dont experience until I wake up properly, then I get odd sensations like a buzzing in my head and I cant stand up straight away because I would probably fall over again. Thats only after a FA though, I have never experienced that within a dream.