Do dissabled people have a better chance at being lucid

I wonder if people in wheelchairs have a better chance at becoming lucid? If they dream there walking it would be a huge dream sign wouldnt it?

but if they are used to not walking… what are the chances they would walk in the dream?
dreams are often what your mind expects…

We can fly in dreams, but not IRL.

well before I had a lucid dream I never flew in a dream.
being wheel chair bound would be a big part of how you identify yourself… we don’t identify ourselves by saying we cant fly

when I had one of my toes broke I couldnt walk without sticks… I
Thought that I will have masses of LD’s. But all I had was dreams of me swimming, running, flying and no LD’s :E

But they would at least have a great motivation for lucid dreaming !

Yeah, they would definitely have more motivation than anyone who could move around normally.

I would like to say that I remember having NDs where I was flying.

I have also done that , but it was with an tool though .
But that tool could NO WAY have beard my weight (100 kilos on an tiny fishing-line stretched over 100 meters …)

Anyway , it was after trying to MILD and se myself fly …

I flew in NDs too, because I thought I was in an LD. But that was because I thought LDs were computer games which alter the gamer’s senses to perceive them directly.

Very high LDs are like that … :smile: