Do Lucid Dreams Affect Sleep?

Hello, I am new to the community so I just want to start off by saying “Hi!”. Secondly, I have not been able to attain a lucid dream yet (only been trying for about four days) and I was wondering if having a lucid dream effects sleep? Will the time I spend in a lucid dream be lost sleep or will I still wake up well rested?

Hey there hackysackwizard! (love that nick, btw!)

As far as I know,
I’d think you are sleeping,
but the difference is, that you are conscious of what you are doing during the dream.
And you should feel rested in morning, just like you’ve had a ND.

Unfortunately I’ve never had a lucid dream before, and I guess we are pretty much on the same level.
Been trying to become lucid for 5-6 days now.
Patience is the key, patience my friend.

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Anyway, lucid dreams do not affect your sleep in anyway, because your normal sleep cycle will not be disrupted. An important thing to remember is that dreaming occurs during the REM stage, so your normal delta sleep stage will not be affected.

During a lucid dream, one is more aware of his surroundings and of course, the fact that he is dreaming. And ususally, a smoother transition to the waking state is achieved from a lucid dream than a non-lucid one.

Hopefully you guys will have one soon. It is absolutely amazing when you suddenly think “hey am I dreaming?” and you realise that you are.

Welcome! A lot of people have this concern, but it’s nothing to worry about. Here’s why. Every night, you go into REM sleep five or six times. During these periods, you experience dreams and your brain becomes just as active as it is during waking life. The same areas of your brain that normally receive sensory input are now being fed “artificial” input from within the brain itself. If you happen to become lucid, your brain activity doesn’t change; you’re simply aware of the true source of the things you’re seeing and feeling.

As siddi5 said, you will therefore feel no more tired after a lucid dream than a normal one. In fact, a good LD will actually give you energy in the morning; I’ve had it happen repeatedly. You feel incredibly empowered.

Both of you, don’t worry about the fact that you haven’t LDed yet. Keep the positive attitude you’ve got right now and don’t lose your motivation. If you’ve got adequate dream recall, you will experience and remember a lucid dream soon enough.

I think you are sleeping lighter when you LD, that is why caffine can help and why WBTB works. So while I have never felt less rested on nights when I LD, it may be possible for someone who has trouble sleeping or a sleeping disorder to feel less rested.

But then you would only be sleeping lighter DURING an LD right?
What really makes you rest is the delta sleep and other stages.

Of course they’ll feel less rested if they have a sleeping disorder, that’s the nature of a sleeping disorder :tongue:
True that REM sleep is ‘less restful’ than deep sleep, in a sense, though there is some psychological evidence that REM sleep may be of benefit to psychological and emotional integration.
I remember reading a study performed on thinkers vs doers (those who experience stress, challenges, use strategy etc vs physical laborers, athletes and the like) and the results showed that those who underwent higher physical stress during the day experience increased levels of delta or deep sleep, whilst those oriented more towards mental activity experienced more prolonged periods of REM sleep.

I would think so. The awareness in an LD would probably be the cause of that, however, you may sleep just the same when you LD as when you ND. This is just a thought :content:

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LD’ing generally don’t last very long, from few seconds to few minutes. And though you’re conscious, you continue to dream, thus it doesn’t affect sleeping. As for me, I didn’t notice anything special.

I know some natural LD’ers - and most often girls - said they woke up very tired after a controlled dream or a lucid dream. It seems it something like a sleep trouble but I’ve not a lot of information about this.

O.K. thatnks for the information everyone.

i only hat 3 “real” lucid dreams so far, but after those i felt MUCH MORE rested that usually…
normally i sleep quite bad and dont feel rested at all in the morning, but after the lucid dreams i felt wide awake and full of energy…

but what does take away sleep for me, is trying to LD…like, when im lying in bed at night, and instead of trying to fall asleep right away, i try to focus on having a lucid dream, and end up in some state between being awake and dreaming, and thats quite annoying sometimes.