Do you always Dream?

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Is it True you have 4-6 dreams every Night. I sleep n the den a lot over weekends while the TV is on and I have had trouble remembering having dreams when I fall to sleep with the TV on. Is it possible that I have less dreams or it’s harder to recall them when going to sleep with a TV on?

It is true that we have many dreams every night. Many people just don’t remember them. I doubt you have less dreams when the TV is on. It is just your recall.

Indeed.Tv might interfere with content of your dreams but not with recall straight way(unless you wake up and put your attention at whats on tv instead of recalling for a while)

Personally, I’m not sure. I have fairly decent recall, but I only ever remember one dream per sleep. If I remember more than that, it’s because I’ve woken up before going back to bed again. So if I woke up and got out of bed four times in a night, it’s quite possible (but very unlikely). I remember quite a lot about my dream each night, but don’t even have a hint of a second dream. And my one dream usually seems so long that I find it hard to believe I could have FOUR of those in one night!

I’ve often wondered in the past - where do you draw the distinction between dreams? How do you know it’s a second dream? Sometimes I have pretty major “scene changes”, but I still know it’s the same dream, because there’s always some element of continuity. There have also been a few times where I’ve read other people’s multiple dreams and thought it sounded like they were all really the one thing divided up into sections.

Some people genuinely do have multiple dreams each night, but I don’t think we should jump to conclusions and say that everybody does, based on the experiences of a few. I’m more inclined to think the situation is different for everybody, and I’d rather trust my own strong instincts on the matter.

If you’re worried about TV affecting your recall, I recommend to try and improve it. It can’t hurt to turn the TV off, anyway, even if it doesn’t really have an effect on how much you remember.

A year or two ago, I dreamt of nothing but complete blackness every night for about 5-6 months…

StormThunder - people get a different dream period for every REM period. You probably have the ability to just re enter the same dream and continue it. The scene shifts could be due to a different REM period :smile:

My dream recall is absolutely horrible if I don’t sort of “remind” myself before bed to remember my dream when I wake up. Sometimes it works and sometimes it doesn’t, but if I don’t do it at all, remembering dreams is usually a lot harder. Just over the last few weeks, I’ve completely forgotten to meditate before bed, and I haven’t remembered any dreams in a long time.