Do you have a LD routine?

Hey! It’s been a long time since I haven’t asked annoying question :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:

I have been on a bit of slump lastly… There was a few weeks were I stopped remembering my dreams and lost motivation to write them once I got one… But I think it’s coming back. That and the numerous recent discussion on this forum about shapeshifting might have reignited in me the will to train again (shapeshifting being one of the thing I want to experience the most in a LD).

So the question I want to ask is: If you lucid dream often, do you have a particular routine? I know every person have different sensibilities and some things might work for some and don’t for other, but I ask this because it might help me find a standard for my training, bring a fresh perspective on this practice, or maybe discover something I’m not doing right… I want to find a momentum I can keep for practice LD at least more often than right now (which is really not a lot :sweat_smile:)


I don’t have a route at all except writing down my dreams in my paper journal in the morning. But I’m also in an LD drought right now, but not with my dream recall itself, so maybe a habit would be helpful :laughing:

The most important thing to achieve lucid dreaming (once recall is solid) is awareness throughout waking life. I find it hard to grow this into a habit. I lose focus on that very quickly and slip back into auto pilot. This is especially true in times of high occupation. So being less busy definitely helps. Also what’s incredibly helpful is high motivation. Regularly revise what you want to achieve in your dreams and get inspired by others (like with the shape shifting that you mentioned).

You can also try to find a buddy or a small group to motivate each other and track progress of training and celebrate successes together.