Do you have to stay retarded?

Million dollars question right here, I’m pretty sure more than me most of us are suffering from Chronic Dream Retardation.

Seriously, is there any trick to make you less stupid and more logical?

What exactly are you referring to? Explain a little more?

Yeah I’m confused, do you mean that it’s harder to be focused while dreaming? Or that we can’t figure out whats going on? You’ll need to elaborate for people like me :confused:

If you’re ‘retarded’ in your LD then sorry but you are not having a true LD :sad:

Partial lucidity is often what we call it though it’s somewhat missleading. If you realise you are dreaming without waking up the logical part of your brain then it’s not a true LD basically.

The difference in experience is like night and day.

In dreams we are sometimes pretty damn stupid and gullible. It happens to me in normal dreams and low level lucidity dreams.

So yes, I also suffer from dream retardation when I’m not fully lucid.

As others have said, it’s the result of your right (logical) brain hemisphere being off in REM. If you do WBTB, do math or solve a riddle before you go BTB (see what I did there?). If you don’t, maybe do it as a reality check?

I also usually suffer from this. Most of my LD’s, or “LD’s”, are low lucid ones, or medium. I’ve only had a few high lucidity, but even those don’t last that long. I just keep walking forwards hoping I’ll get in someday :wink: Plus, I’m sure if you can get in the habit of meditating regularly that will help a huge deal.


:eh: Maybe you’re overworking your brain in rl…Or you need to get the retardation thing off your mind completely, guess that counts as meditating, then dream.

“Dream Retardation”, a.k.a. Normal Dreams. :lol:

But seriously though, in order to “wake up” in a dream you simply need to practice your awareness and critical thinking in real life, so your brain gets used to questioning things and paying attention to details.
It really isn’t more mysterious than that, and anyone who wants to succeed, can succeed.

I had one of these dreams too, it sucked knowing i was so close to a Lucid Dream. Basically i was running around in a building, shooting people, with my hand… I thought to myself, “Wow, if this was a LD, i’d be able to use a real gun instead of shooting with my hand.” Suddenly, a gun appeared in my hand, i could feel the weight of it, and when still running i could feel my feet running. That’s when i thought. "Well this isn’t a Lucid dream, it’s just a Normal Dream so fuck it, started to shoot with my hand again and then woke up. FAIL! :happy:

I can’t help but find that funny. It’s hard to believe that it’s actually coincidental. :v

I would have been bummed if I did that while dreaming.

Get a rubic cube, and play with it. then buy a harder rubic cube and play with that one. wont do nuthin on the short term for you, but long term it will help.

Careful what you wish for. Sometimes my brain is too logical, and it ruins the quality of the dream. It’s like it’s saying “Nope. This isn’t real. I’m not even going to bother making it look or feel real.”

The thing is… I think, we’re not necessarily logical in waking life either. It’s a little bit too much work to keep it up.

I mean, has anyone looked at the clouds in the sky lately? It’s flying water. In waking life. Think about it: flying water. How can anybody take that in stride??

But, you know, we do. We must, to act effectively-- so, it’s natural. It’s not retardation if we’re pretty much all thinking at the same speed. Your SC just has junk that’s got to be played out. But, sometimes, somebody notices something to wonder at (I can’t take credit for the flying water thing) and… whether you’re awake or asleep, it’s a hint towards lucidity. To take time to stop, and smell the clouds, or flowers or whatever it is.

When I’m slipping between LD and ND, I often trail off saying and thinking stupid random things incoherently that have nothing to do with what’s going on. But in my LD’s, I’m quite fully intelligent… I think like what’s been said, you’re in the in between of LD and ND, more so toward LD, but nonetheless. Possibly even FLD.