Do you record dreams that you don't want to remember?

Had a dream that me and my gf had a fight etc, woke up feeling sad but soon shook it off as it was just a dream.

Dont really feel like recording it in my DJ as it just gets me agitated and I have plenty of other dreams to record.

Any advice helps!

I record all of my dreams. Sometimes however, I hesitate when the dreams are inappropriate (sex related).


You can learn from your dreams (I have, that’s for sure). I personally think that you should record all of your dreams, however uncomfortable it may be. After all it is just a dream.

A few weeks ago I had a nightmare that my other half tried to kill me. Not pleasant. :sad:

Personally I write down every dream, good, bad, disgusting, down right disturbing. - Although the unpleasant stuff I just summarise rather than record in detail. It’s up to you.

However mine is password protected as it’s an electronic journal… If my journal was a physical book, I probably wouldn’t write it down. My sister used to go through my stuff all the time when we were kids, so I learnt to be rather protective of my privacy. :wink:

It’s exactly the same thing for me! even if it’s hard you need to record them.

Yes. But if it’s bad, I choose to record it with less detail.

All seem to have the same kinda approach! Thanks, another question! Do any of you guys record your dreams on your phones/tablets?

Ive found it quite handy to record all my dreams in my notes on my iphone.

Yep, I use Evernote on a tablet to record my dreams. If it’s a very long dream, I make rough notes of everything I remember on the tablet, then edit them on a normal computer just because typing is easier/quicker on a full keyboard.

I do! It’s really handy, unlike having to wait for your PC to turn on. I record my dreams on a Google docs page so I can access it anywhere.

I record my dreams on the Note of my Ipod and when i almost have to go to sleep i record them back on my real DJ (book) it’s quite good if you are lazy to write them on your book the morning ^^

you should record that dream indefintly, bacuase u dreamt of an emotion and not just a feeling ( like flying, or driving a fast car) emotions are far far far more important if you want to unlock or even get close to understand , WHAT ITS ALL ABOUT

I usually record all of my own dreams, (vicious, mystical, emotional, etc.)

Although I am new as a lucid dreamer, I am not at all new to the concept of dreams and their meaning. With this in mind, it sounds like you may be having trouble with your relationships and your dream manifests this. If you believe this is true, you may want to talk things over with your significant other.

Hope this helps.

I would write down a dream about a fight with a loved one, that’s not as bad as some other things I dream about. I talk about my dreams about murders, horror and gore, and sometimes I write them down. Then there are those that nobody will ever know about, since they are too disturbing and I hate myself for them.

In other words, even though those dreams hurt you, be happy it’s not something that will permanently mess with your mind.

iv been doing this ld ( or i call it just knowing) for a couple of decades and there’s one thing to understand about dreams, is at the time they do feel real(emotionly) but when u wake up emotionly torn it tends to linger a bit , i know that they reflect your real life feelings , but after all they are just dreams , don’t take them to heart, or at least try not to, the only harm theyll do is to make u feel sad and break you heart,*****DONT BE AFRAID *****

Iv never recorded my dreams, they have just been unforgettable, so no need to record them.

I think you may find that recording your dreams (even though you remember them), will cause even more dreams to occur! You are basically telling your mind that dreams are important, thus you dream more.

I try to record all of my dreams, but sometimes it does get difficult because a lot of them are replays or alterations of traumatic experiences. Those very dreams are in fact one of the main reasons I’m pursuing lucidity. So the way I get myself to record them is to remind myself that writing them down is a necessary step in becoming lucid - and each time I preserve one in my journal, I’m one step closer to not having them anymore.

Nice…Both mundane and significant? Is there never a dull moment…?

[color=olive]Yea something along these lines. Sometimes whenever I’m going through something in IRL, dreams in general don’t seem as important, and I usually notice a significant drop in recall unless I’m having a series of intense or significant dreams. I tend to forget the mundane and remember the significant ones. We’re also wired differently so it may vary…We are strange beings… .-.

When it comes to recording I usually record the good, the bad, and the ugly with a few exceptions. Had a few uncut V1 instances… Now the sexual detail I either label personal, vague, or cut out. Vicious moments I usually record, but a few only to some extent. Dreams or parts of them I don’t want to remember I somehow tend to remember anyway in most cases.

Not always record the disturbing dreams, usually the “normal ones”. I have a few records with really frightening dreamscenes but I try to focus on the major elements of the dream rather than recording the full scene with great details.

I only use keywords, some sentences and a very few sketches that help me to remember what happened in them (I’m a very visual person).

It all depend on your decision; but I think it’ll help identify something unusual. :wink: