Do you support making of a lucid game?

This sounds like a great idea, I support it!
I’d like to know more about the game – like the questions that TheChris asked above.

This is great! :happy: I’d like to help but I make games in C++, not in some game maker program. I’m currently working on a platformer too :tongue: .

Basically, every few levels there’s a new dream, but not once you wake up until the end of the game. This is because there will be dreams within dreams, scene transitions, FAs and such. This gives the game a complicated touch.

Every level has its own goal, either it is to solve a riddle or just pass to another level, or something else.

You will be lucid near the beggining of the dream, but you will choose to listen up to DCs because you find their stories interesting, and you think its just you speaking with yourself.

The beggining of the dream will be most likely be a ND, and it will be an introduction to the rest of the dream.

So the game is not about becoming lucid, its about exploring the dreamworld. The game will feature some information about lucid dreams so thoes who have never heard of lucid dreams get interested in it.

@Ruben: Again, this is not a platformer. This is an adventure game. Adventure games are based on stories and riddles or puzzles, not on gameplay like platformers. So, they can be easily made with game makers.

this sounds great, definitely do it man that would be awesome, have you started on it yet?

ok this sounds good.

I would think about the essential story before figuring out the beginning exactly, so some basic aspects of the dream can be present in the beginning. Any Ideas?

A strict story would make the game linear. I have think of the beggining in the meantime, but I’m not going to post it here since I want to leave you guys something to discover in the demo.

However, if you guys have ANY suggestions about levels ingame, or anything else, I’ll be happy to take them in consideration.

Hmmm… Your right, you don’t want to make the game to linear. You could do something like this;

Each level contains levers, knobs, things to collect and you can reach different places by doing these in a certain pattern or order, so one level could take you to a number of different levels depending on how you solve the puzzle for this level. This would create a sort of maze through the levels as you try to find the prize at the end (ultimate lucidity, points, pie? Something…).
To make variety between the levels you could add different possibilities of lucid dreaming to each level; in one you can fly, in the other you can transform (different forms allow you to go through different doors or locks?) or change time and do magic. Messing with gravity, time or simply the controls is in general a nice trick to keep a game interesting.

Again these are just some ideas… you decide if they are good…

The game is going to be something like a maze, like you described. I thought of that in the first place, but I didn’t describe it well. I don’t know about lucid abilities, because its kinda hard to make a gameplay feature in a game that actually has no gameplay (I said it two times earlier -.-). The time is going to be complicated by itself, cause the game is a dream itself, and we all know how time can be ‘messy’ in dreams. Gravity on some levels will be changed too.

Again, every level will have its own features. Lets say you’ll find a lil pill in one level, and when you drink it, you can fly and reach things that you can’t reach by just walking, and you get closer to solving the puzzle by flying.

Guys this is cool , and I mean it , especially the idea that every level is a dream .

I’m in! I’ll PM my Mail :smile:

don´t hesitate to ask if you need support, Beat Doctor.
I hope no new posts does not mean no progress in the project.

btw sth. to the beginning: I think it should be some sort of mysterious, so the gamer does not immediately know what this is all about. Nothing like : “Hi. Im your Dreamguide. You need to solve your unconscious fear of the unknown.”
( Yes this was a little bit exaggerated)
But I think you already thought about this :smile:

I’ve been thinking about this a little as well, but my game would be 3D :razz: Something about going to bed and enter a dream world, and when you wake up in the game you enter the normal world. Haven’t thought about it much more than that. I’m more into making a short movie of a normal dream atm :smile:

I’m sorry that I didn’t post anything… I lost internet connection for a few days, but I got it now. I’m currently working on a level that will be in the beggining of the dream, 2nd or 3rd level, I don’t know.

Yes, I thought about this earlier. Currently I’m working on the graphics for levels, so I’m not worried about this much right now. I have the rough sketch of the ‘story’ of the game in my mind, but not the dialogs.

Support this , sounds cool :happy:

Here some suggestions

-You could as said above try to make some kinds of challenges to get lucid , and real education about it , like the player learns more about ld’s because that would be the goal , to become an very experienced Lucid dreamer in the game.

-When you first start off , you would dream a normal dream , about something , and then you should recognize something wrong , and realise it is a dream.

Then for there on you would have to try to keep your lucidity , there could be some kind of “Lucidity meter”

And you should be able to create things , change landscape or stuff like that and the higher experience of lucid dreams you have the more things you can change in the game.

I know this sounds pretty much impossible to program all of those things but if you could it would be the best game ever

I repeat for 345354th time: This will be an adventure game. Adventure games are based on riddles and stuff. Try broken sword or the monkey island serial. You will get what I mean.

Sounds awesome! :happy: Ive also heard of an Inception game comin out, but its nothing like this.

For plot changes dependent upon player actions, has anyone here played Shadow the Hedgehog. Depending on which quests you fulfilled moved you either towards good or bad. You could easily change it so that instead of good or bad you moved towards different ‘supergoals’ if you will.

Oh, and an adventure game can have some of the stuff mentioned by CoffeeLeeT. Ever play The Elder Scrolls? Full of adventure and puzzles yet riddled with the action and combat that hardcore gamers love. (yes I put the pun ------^---- In their on purpose.)

Thanks to all for support.

Elder Scrolls is not an adventure game. Its a RPG. Adventure games are not full of physical combat.

So this game should be like the game “Pheonix Wright” right? that lawyer game where you have to say the correct things and find clues to prove your opponent is guilty? if so then that would be really cool !! looking forward to seeing it finished!

Sounds like a Mario to me :smile:. You know, a lucid game in my opinion would be extremely hard to make. First of all, it should be a 3D game, the camera should be able to move anywhere so that it creates a sense of “freedom” and full control, like in those LD’s, you know. The difficult part is that you don’t know what to expect in a LD. Strange things will happen. Some LD’s are controllable others the LD controls you… it varies. Now, each brain is different in some ways, that means some will like it that way, others the other way. There should be endless possibilities in a LD game, which is ofcourse impossible. And the LD skill ? Will the whole game be just a LD and in the end the main character wakes up ? Pixels… hmm… some LD’s are vivid other foggy and blurry, others are RL-mistakable.

First, I’d suggest, that someone who is very good at LDing LD’s about a LD game first and tells what he saw and heard, huh ? :wink: