Do you think Books are helping Dream Recall?

I thought about it.
I mean… You read a book,You open your imagination and just… let the dream come into your mind

I think it does. It’s a creative way of letting yourself meditate.

I find imagination in general boosts my dreaming ability by a LOT. After a few hours visualizing a novel, coming up with a story, or just going over my memories of the day in my mind, my ability to see and think of details in dreams is easily increased tenfold. As for helping dream recall, I don’t know. I suppose if you have a particularly bad recall reading books would help you to learn to better remember stories, thus allowing to remember stories in your dreams. However, the effects on the imagination are the real benefits in my mind. :content:

Yah, I could see reading and using your imagination as something that would help dream recall. This would be an interesting one to have in the lucid lab if you ask me.

I would think so.

No idea, I’ve never stopped reading for long enough to test it! :smile:

I think if anything, it might influence the content of your dreams. Recall has to do with remembering, so maybe if paid more attention to remembering the details in books who knows.
I don’t read often and in periods when I did, I saw no difference in the amount of recall I had, only the content.