Do you think in your dreams?

I had a dream last night where I had a thought (I wasn’t intentionally thinking per say) and the mental image of this thought seemed to superimpose over the dream scene, like if you had a drawing, then put a piece of clear paper (overhead sheet) with a different drawing on top.

The question I was wondering, was (after the dream), what would have happened if I asked another character in the dream if they could see it?

Usually i don’t think in dreams at all…untill i saw this post, then the last two nights i found myself questioning things and having memorable thoughts, so thanks,(btw i was never lucid in those dreams though :cry: )

Yes I do.

However I believe everything I see.

But I’m getting better. I’ve started to think of dreaming as a possible reason to the bizarre.

Mew, did you mean possible reason to question the bizarre? I was thinking that maybe you meant dreams are life’s reason to the bizarre like a complement (like you’re the fork to my knife or something, i don’t know :user: (i was gonna find a funny face, but i decided that this emoticon is like me, just lolligagging, typing into a computer speaking (mostly) nonsense), but dreams are generally bizarre, so i didn’t think it held. either way, i’m interested in what you were trying to say. :happy:

I seem to think… Accepting everything I… See…
Well, some nights back I had a LD when I was questioning
something. If you are intrested to read, go to the link in the sig,
the dream is Failed Flying.
So yes. I probably can think.

Ive often wondored this myself. I think that our thoughts are tranformed into our actions in dreams which is probley why its hard to become lucid.

define thinking…

I think all the time in dreams, just as I do in real life. The more logical my thoughts become, the closer I am to lucidity. It allows me to judge how close to lucidity I got.

For instance, last night I had a dream in which I drank a bottle of vodka, went to a tattoo parlor, and woke up on the carpet with LOVE tattooed all the way down my back. My dream body sat for a while freaking out about this, and I started thinking, rather logically, about the repercussions of this giant tattoo - I’d have to be extra careful about the shirts I wear to hide it, especially at work; tattoo removal might be an option, though it sounds painful, etc. If I had thought a bit harder and realized how ridiculously out of character the whole experience was, I might have realized I was dreaming.

When I’m lucid I really start questioning and experimenting, my thoughts growing more complex. Does anyone else have this correlation?

I can’t. Some think in words, some in pictures, some in sounds, some in simple concepts.
Every person has his way of thinking, and personal idea of what thinking is, but whatever it is for people, in all cases it represents a more conscious activity of the mind. And that’s what I was interested in, seeing if there’s conscious activity behind the subconscious dreaming, particularly the non-lucid district.

in many of my dreams I think just like I do in real life…for example, last night I had a dream that I got engaged and I remember looking at the ring (which was made out of pink clay… lol) and thinking “well, it’s not a traditional kind of ring, but i like it because it’s out-of-the-box” hahah

i wondered this myself, but yes i do
in my most recent dream i stole $10,000 from an abandoned car and later in the dream i remembered i had the money… i was thinking what if the car wasn’t abandoned… sometime has passed that man/women must be really stressed out right now, i was even visualizing the scenario within in my mind like i would do in real life.

In my ND last night I thought, yes.

For some short interest, I managed to solve an integral in an LD, which I had defined to try earlier. It wasn’t that easy, though, it did require two substitutions, which does suggest that LD’s allow for some logical thinking.

Yeah, I had wondered this as well.
but last night in an ND I was on my laptop outside,
with no thought at all i decided to throw it onto the road and it broke.
As soon as I did it I was completely shocked with myself
and thought “why did I do that? what possible reasoning could have led
me to this?” I was really upset about it too.
I think i might have known I was dreaming in a way.

Short answer: Yes. :wink:

Defining thinking as “my conscious brain is doing something different than the subconscious part,” I’m pretty sure I keep up my usual level of thought through both NDs and LDs. My attention span is somewhat shorter in NDs though. In LDs I’m probably more conscious of my thoughts just because of the nature of the situation, but I’ve also found that keeping my thoughts going can help keep me from losing lucidity. You’ve got to be careful of distraction, though, because if you forget about something in a dream it’s likely to disappear. I’ve lost people that way before.

I definitely do. For instance, I remember this dream where started off on my way to a class. Later on, I ended up going to an entirely different class. A few minutes in I think “oh crap, I’m in the wrong room” and rush out to get to my “correct” class. It’s not the same level of thinking/awareness I have when awake, else I would’ve noticed the problems with the school building (plus the class was at the wrong time/school), but there was certainly some level of it there.

Do we think IRL…? :smile:

I believe we think in dreams, but limited and kinda subconscious. I wonder how limited our thinking IRL is… Think about how powerful our subconscious mind is. And that some people can remember 10000 digits of pi or solve math questions like 731*919 in their head in just a second.

Has anyone in an ld thought about the fact that their body is lieing still and all they see is inside their own head. If so what does it feel like. I never remember to think this I just go cool I can do what I want and then do it. Also can you think clearer and stuff like complex mathamatical equation in your head or can you understand the theory of relativity.


I mostly don’t seem to actively think at all, last night I even dreamed of people talking about lucid dream techniques :dingding: and not even that caught my attention.
I tend to be pretty absent-minded IRL, though.