Doctor Who as a Female?

So I know I did a topic about Doctor Who awhile ago, but I thought this would be interesting to discuss. I’ve been hearing a lot of rumors about the 12th doctor possibly being female and this got me to thinking.

Do you think that it would be a good idea to cast the 12th doctor as a woman, or do you think the doctor should stay male?

Personally, I think it would be interesting. I agree with John Barrowman when he said that they could always try it and if it didn’t work, just kill her off and regenerate her as a man again. Although it would be interesting and would hopefully provide for some comical situations, I’m not sure that it would actually work as well. What do you all think?

This thread caused me to RC. I’m going to call Rhewin as soon as possible!

Ok, I’ll just say this… The Doctor could potentially be anything just like any Time Lord. However, I would have to totally disagree with a female Doctor. Don’t get me wrong, there are a ton of talented female actors who could play him/her, but that would be a major departure from the norm. Change can be good, and I’m not a fanboy who gripes at every change, but I’ve watched every Doctor from 1 to 11. It would be a totally different dynamic to the show. So many things would change in such a drastic way that it would have to change the show all together. While I can easily comprehend a new regeneration as a new Doctor, I don’t think I could associate a female as the same person. Perhaps it would be good, maybe even better given the right actress, but I don’t think I could ever accept her as the successor to Tom Baker and David Tennant.

Having said that, I think the show has done a brilliant job of giving female companions a more important lead as of late. I fully support that, and would even like to see another Time Lady like Romana in the TARDIS again. In the end, however, we’ll have to see what happens. I’m sure I’ll be a fan regardless.

This would be a bit awkward, considering he has a wife.

I… Don’t know that that would work well. Considering that DW seems to have a consistency of ‘recruiting’ younger girls. It’s kind of a theme, is it not? Not to mention that I think that would ruin it for female fans. (for some strange reason that I could not possibly fathom.)

For reasons, I know that I personally would lose interest if this ever happened, and would not care to watch any of it until it was fixed.

[color=olive]Heh right. I believe this will be an interesting experience. The power rangers had a female red ranger lead the team for a few episodes, it made things interesting by changing up the norm. Hopefully this works out the same way or better.

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Well we did have Doctor Donna in one episode. There is also Jenny the doctor’s cloned daughter in another. Also River had regenerative powers which she used on the Doctor.

In my opinion it is always a gamble when the doctor is regenerated, so being a woman for one life isn’t more of a gamble if they get the right actress.

Lol, nice.

A female doctor would certainly be interesting, I agree. Why would the show be radically different?

On the topic of gender and doctor who: RORY! I was so fed up with him, and how Amy treated him, at the end!

I really wouldn’t have an issue if a future regeneration was female, the show wouldn’t need to change so much, though it might annoy a lot of fan girls.

It could add something new and fresh, with the right female lead I would be all for it.

Well, it has happened. :spinning:
She has only regenerated so far. She’s a good actress so it will depend on the writers if it works or not.

Yeah, I heard about that. Might have to give Doctor Who a second chance, I dropped it after the first season with Capaldi. Missy was pretty awesome after all, so I think it’ll work out just fine if they have good writers.

Heh yeah a bit late to the party…Mind blown…Didn’t really watch after Matt Smith, but saw the transition into the 13th.

I’ll see how it turns out. David Tennet is still my favorite doctor.

David Tennet pretty much steals the show in everything I’ve seen him in, but he is definitely “The Doctor” to me. Easily my favorite by and far, though I am quite partial to the little of the 8th Doctor that there was.

So disappointed. I’m really losing interest. They need to get rid of Chris Chibnall (the showrunner) and prune down the doctor’s companions. The two younger ones have made so little impact on me I have even forgotten their names in the show. :sad: