Does everyone find time for their DJ?

When I awoke on this fine Sunday morning, I made my first entry into my dream journal by jotting down every detail I could remember from my three dreams last night. By the time I had finished, 45 minutes had passed! If I should regularly have three dreams each night, how am I supposed to record these things on a weekday?

maybe by limiting it to a brief summary while still making lists of things that may be important?

Depends on how much time I have. If I have lots of time, I write it down in as much detail as possible. If I have less time, I just stick in a few key words and important words, and maybe go back to it and add stuff in later.

Write on your way to school / work, in the bus etc.
Choose the most important dream to begin with.

I usually get up about 20 minutes earlier so that I have time to write down my dreams. If I don’t have time to write everything down I just write down a few words from each dream and then write everything down when I get home.

Yes it does it does get hard some times. I allow myself extra time in the morning to write them down. If you can do the same that is the best solution. If you cant then just write a breif summary of the dream then just before bed write down your dreams in as much detail as you can remember (from your summary).

Lots I’ve written on the bus. Sometimes, just before bed the following night.

writing down a few important keywords seems to be enough in my experience. :smile:
when i reread those keywords i wrote down earlier, the whole dream usually comes back into my mind.