Does exercizing your brain increase your chances for LD's?

In theory, this sounds like a logical idea - by exercizing your brain you will improve your brain activity, and this should also have an effect on your ability to become lucid, since lucidity is greatly dependent on a high brain activity.
So maybe if you spend a lot of time exercizing your brain in different ways (learning math, foreign languages etc) then maybe you will also become lucid more often?

Don’t know if it helps you get lucid, but I think N-Back exercises can improve your dream recall.

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Maybe post this in the Lucid Lab (I think that’s what it’s called)? It’d be interesting to see the results, it certainly sounds like a great idea.

Depends on what part of your brain you are exercising. By exercising your awareness (i.e chess, Multitask (yeah, that diabolical game), and pretty much any coordination sports) you are more likely to become lucid.

Not that I’m saying that tennis champions, Chess GMs, and video gamers are better at LDing, but I’m sure it helps.