Does LDing change the brain...

When you LD your doing nothing physically, but sleeping, but is there something diffrent going on in your brain that wouldnt be if you were ND. Are certain chemicals released. Maybie when you teach yourself to LD, you are actually programing and changing the way your brain is.

I think the brain actually changes every day, no matter what you do. Everytime you do/think something connections are made and broken. But I guess when you LD it changes in a different way compared to normal dreaming.

i think it might help balance the left/right hemisphere, maybe.

i’ve gotten more visual since i’ve started LDing.

It does. Every experience and every moment, something is changing at the anatamophysiochemical level. And a shift in consciousness from ND to LD is definitely changing whatever is going on.

Speaking of brain changing though - has anyone ever felt their brain change? The time I used pot - I could feel some pretty intense changes going on in my head. The only other time I recall was when I was learning Italian - me and a friend learned 3 semesters worth in 2 weeks and I remember during one of our study sessions I suddenly felt like neural pathways were being rewired and new connections were being made. It was quite intense and one of the coolest experiences I’ve had.

that’s cool that you could actually feel it changing. i have been using marijuana for almost a year now. but i could never actually feel it changing my brain… but I noticed that the way i think, and the way i analyze things under the influence of marijuana is starting to stick with me when i am not stoned. It isn’t a bad thing either. I never knew i could analyze things this way. it is just basically looking at things in another prespective. it’s pretty cool! but besides that, that is the only change i have realy felt.