Does Lucid Living make you more "prepared"?

I have noticed that when I pass by people from behind in real life, they often have a tendency to start a little bit, as if they were surprised by my approach and had no idea I was there.
I have noticed, however, that ever since I started practicing LL I never react that way myself, because I always know long before they are next to me that they will appear, since I have heard their footsteps, or seen them far away in my peripheral vision.
Do you think there could be a connection here?
Could the reason why a lot of people act surprised like that simply be because they are “daywalking” like most non-lucid dreamers? :tongue:

Yes. We are to much on the automatic mode. We transfer this way of living from WL into dream and that’s what makes us so “dumb” in the dream.

LL is “THE” key. I practiced it for some time and I can say I was enjoying WL much more then before or now to be honest. I think I don’t need to explain how much greater my dreams were…

Yes, I notice pretty often that when I approach someone they tend to react with surprise when I am just a few feet away, like “huh? someone there?”.
As a “Lucid Liver” I find this pretty fascinating, because I am used to noticing everything around me much earlier than that.

OMG, I feel the exact same way. I feel like I am much more aware of my surroundings than other people. Like I am right there and people don’t notice me. it’s interesting.

Yes LL helps a lot. I believe its one of the reasons I have a lot of FLDs. It goes hand in hand with all day awareness (ADA) as well.

I sometimes become aware of my surroundings like in a state of LL. I see details around me that other persons around me couldn’t notice or concentrate on. But I’m not always in LL state because I’m not always aware of my surroundings.
LL should help in LD because it raises your self-awareness. And something you can do with LL,to immagine the impossible. Example. You take a glass of water and immagine the impossible with this glass. Immagine, for example, that the water inside becomes red, that the glass melts on the table, that it floats 1 meter over the table or again that it shatters in a thousand little pieces. You can immagine that with any sort of objects…
This “immagine the impossible” can help to raise self-awareness and to contribute to LL.

Yes it’s pretty funny, I have tested this on several persons at my university library a couple times during the evenings.
Someone might sit in a wide and quiet place somewhere and when I approach them they usually start a little bit when I am about 15 feet away from them, as if they hadn’t heard me at all until then.

Yes, that’s an interesting way to practice.
I always feel that waking life becomes much more “dream-like” when you observe things in this way;
everything suddenly starts to feel like a dream, and it’s a very pleasant experience.
You pick up this glass of water and try to imagine the impossible, and then you feel like it is a “dream glass” filled with “dream liquid”, and then you start to realize that you feel genuinely fascinated by it.
Fascinated by a glass of water?
Only happens if you practice LL! :lol: