Dont hold your breath. (How long can you go?)

I tried three or four more times…I finally got a full minute and 2 seconds!

lol jeez morpheus youll be able to do 2 min in noo time.

Im at 5 minutes as of now

Hey LE, do you remember how long I was able to?

Was it like 1 minute 30 seconds? Around there.

I can hold my breath for one minute and 30 seconds out of water, submerged in cold water I can hold it for 2 minutes 15 seconds

And please don’t hyperventilate to hold your breath longer :razz: (I didn’t really read much of the above so I don’t know if your doing it or not) But just because it helps you hold your breath longer does not mean it’s safe.

Not to mention it is cheating :wink: (basically when you make your blood more alkaline it causes less calcium to be available to cells) (Low blood levels of CO2)

I just tried and thought I was about to pass out at 1:15

And AOTS_KP, lemme guess what that stands for: Attack of the Show, Kevin Perrara (sp)?

Hi. Bunch of chatspeak posts removed. Please keep on topic.

5 minutes? A normal person dies from lack of oxygen in 3! :bored:

BTW, CrazyStickFigure, if you didn’t catch the reply from AOTS_KP, you’re right about his name.

about 2 minutes , more if a really want to …
@Bruno …LD4all members genneraly seem to tend to develop a whole host of strange powers :happy:

I did 1:16 although I haven’t swam in a while so that could explain it. I can usually get at least 1:30 (yes I’ve done it before :tongue: )

Sakoda, in all honesty I don’t think all the powers claimed in this forum are legit, but as I lean towards assuming good faith, you’ll never see me accusing one specific claim (“that person is lying!”). Rather, you’ll see me accusing the quantity of extraordinary claims in a single place (“someone here must be lying!”). :smile:

/me was capable of a minute + 8 seconds, after various attempts.

I tried one time now, and i did 1:05

That person is lying!

lol jk, i did 2:15 last night, music helps a ton

BTW, if you try to hold your breath while your falling asleep its so much easier… dknow why, i guess your heart rate is lower.

Have you ever watched Survivor? On one episode they had a challenge to hold their breath underwater and whoever stayed under longest won. I believe some of them stayed well over 3 minutes. Anything for money, eh?

I can stay for a little over 2 minutes underwater and about the same time before I go to sleep. When I’m wide awake and out of water, I can only stay for about 1:30.

Around 90seconds.

I could probably go longer if I had to though.

Seriously wtf is up with the title of the topic?! it doesnt even make sense

00:02:14 is my current record. Working on holding it longer…

When i am relaxed i also get quite more … today i made about 1:50 (2 is when i am in better shape lol )

@Mecha Has something to do with you being a robot i think :lol:

I just did 1:16 :wink: This was the first time in like years that I timed myself holding my breath. Gonna try with music some time.

And guys, btw, remember that the brain risks taking damage after 3 minutes without oxygen.

Omg, right, I just remembered this thing I saw on tv a few months ago- It was a guy who, under water held his breath for 7 minutes! He said that he put himself in some kind of meditational state or something and just kind of shut himself off.

thats called apnoe diving i heard there are two people who can do this for one hour or so … (there is an IMAX movie about them i think)

After another 2 or 3 tries i got 1m35 which i’d predicted and having a specific time in my head made me more determined to reach it. I haven’t tried it lying down yet.