Dont hold your breath. (How long can you go?)

Hey, just wondering how long you guys can hold your breath. Ive been on this crazy spree to hold it for really long amounts of time.

My current record is about 2:35 and im trying to get to atleast 5 minutes.

so how long can you hold yours? in water, with music, just sitting or anything else. Also i wanna know sum good techniques for holding your breath long. Alright cools.


I made it about 45 seconds sitting here in front of my desk :tongue:

First, I have to kill myself. Then I can hold my breath for a very, very long time.

2m35 :eek: That’s a long time. I just did 1m15 and it feels like i could maybe get it to around 1m35 if i practised more

i got a minute 16 on my first try just sitting here if you need something to help you count here

YAY! 47 seconds!
2 seconds better than my previous record!


I always hold my breath on car rides while going under tunnels. It’s fun. :slight_smile:

I tried three or four more times…I finally got a full minute and 2 seconds!

lol jeez morpheus youll be able to do 2 min in noo time.

Im at 5 minutes as of now

Hey LE, do you remember how long I was able to?

Was it like 1 minute 30 seconds? Around there.

I can hold my breath for one minute and 30 seconds out of water, submerged in cold water I can hold it for 2 minutes 15 seconds

And please don’t hyperventilate to hold your breath longer :razz: (I didn’t really read much of the above so I don’t know if your doing it or not) But just because it helps you hold your breath longer does not mean it’s safe.

Not to mention it is cheating :wink: (basically when you make your blood more alkaline it causes less calcium to be available to cells) (Low blood levels of CO2)

I just tried and thought I was about to pass out at 1:15

And AOTS_KP, lemme guess what that stands for: Attack of the Show, Kevin Perrara (sp)?

Hi. Bunch of chatspeak posts removed. Please keep on topic.

5 minutes? A normal person dies from lack of oxygen in 3! :bored:

BTW, CrazyStickFigure, if you didn’t catch the reply from AOTS_KP, you’re right about his name.

about 2 minutes , more if a really want to …
@Bruno …LD4all members genneraly seem to tend to develop a whole host of strange powers :happy:

I did 1:16 although I haven’t swam in a while so that could explain it. I can usually get at least 1:30 (yes I’ve done it before :tongue: )

Sakoda, in all honesty I don’t think all the powers claimed in this forum are legit, but as I lean towards assuming good faith, you’ll never see me accusing one specific claim (“that person is lying!”). Rather, you’ll see me accusing the quantity of extraordinary claims in a single place (“someone here must be lying!”). :smile:

/me was capable of a minute + 8 seconds, after various attempts.

I tried one time now, and i did 1:05

That person is lying!

lol jk, i did 2:15 last night, music helps a ton

BTW, if you try to hold your breath while your falling asleep its so much easier… dknow why, i guess your heart rate is lower.

Have you ever watched Survivor? On one episode they had a challenge to hold their breath underwater and whoever stayed under longest won. I believe some of them stayed well over 3 minutes. Anything for money, eh?

I can stay for a little over 2 minutes underwater and about the same time before I go to sleep. When I’m wide awake and out of water, I can only stay for about 1:30.