Dont hold your breath. (How long can you go?)

I hope you realize that the topic title is “Don’t” Hold Your Breath. I kinda lol’d.

I haven’t timed myself yet but I know a good tip is to busy yourself; distract yourself from holding your breath. I saw this guy going for the world record holding his breath underwater and he had small toy blocks, like a square, triangle, circle, and he was putting them into the corresponding slots on a block. ( It was really just an infant’s toy, but it did the job of taking his mind away from his breath ) There were several other things he had while under the tank, and he went to the next as he finished the one before.

I just got about a minute and now I can’t breath at all, it really hurt too. (smoker :sigh: )

burning idle, i do hope you are in the efforts to quit smoking?

53 seconds

i was watching some show where they were teaching how to scuba dive so they taught someone how to hold his breath a really long time, like a news reporter or something who hadn’t done it before

does anyone know how to train really long breath holding?

my longest was probably a minute and a half, i timed it with a stopwatch while floating in a pool, people started laughing at me and joking cause i was doing it so long.

i’ve heard people who are fully out of body through meditation can cease breathing for practically forever.

to train holding your breath, hold your breath. seriously

unless you want to do the professional breath holding in which case there are psychological techniques to putting yourself in a different place.

Ah, the world record for holding one’s breath was just broken by David Blaine.

He held it for 17 minutes and 4 seconds. … aine_N.htm

That’s pretty good. He still sorta cheated though.

Hey, even with the oxygen beforehand - 17 minutes?
That is an incredibly long time. :happy:

17 minutes rivals almost dolphins, so thats an incredible feat regardless of his oxygen.

Just tried while listening to music and I held it for 1:53 and I was very surprised :happy:

1:18 for me. :smile:

1:11, first try.

Kind of got blurry vision second time and stopped.

welcome Frosted Ambassodor! :content:

Ya i sometimes get blurry vision, but after about 2:00 for me. i just close my eyes. :tongue:

I saw that on TV :happy:

I just got 1 minute

Thanks to Marlboro #27s, I’m not going to even attempt this.

hows the quitting going BTW lizard king?

1:02 here. At one point, I could make it across my friend’s pool and back (long way).

Assuming this is still current, good luck quitting.

I was actually prescribed recently to Chantix. I haven’t started it yet but apparently it has a very high success rate for quitting.

and gives you wack dreams. lucky.