Don't you just love "epic dreams?"

You know what I mean! The dreams that are extravagent, long, detailed and so on. They don’t even need to be necessarily action packed or such. They’re just dreams that are fun to recall later.

I had two grandious dreams in a row last night. Absolutely love it. Sometimes I find that I focus too much on lucid dreams to actual appreciate normal dreams. It’s great when you can fondly look back on that night’s sleep :smile:

I love them. The third night after I read about LDing, I had my second longest and vivid dream ever (the longest and most vivid dream I ever had was less than a month ago XD) (well, unless I had a more vivid/lengthier one that I cant recall, which is probably the case).

Yeah, I absolutely love those: And mine was action packed too!

I love them too! My favourite dream of all time was an epic, called War. I might fetch it and post it later. :smile:

/me nudges everyone else to post their epic dreams here too

This dream of mine wasn’t very long, but it was amazing to experience! You can read about The Amazing Night Sky here.

As far as epic dreams go, (I’ve called them famous dreams) I haven’t had any that I would consider just that ever since I started my dream journal; my epic dreams are from long ago. :wink:

As a result, I don’t have anything to post…

No! There was one, just one! It’ll take to long to dig it up, so I’ll get to it later. :roll: It wasn’t lucid, either. While I’ve had my share of great lucid dreams -no- wait - Okay, I’ve had one non lucid epic dream and one lucid epic dream ever since I’ve started journaling. Happy?

Most of my epic dreams are from a year ago or much earlier.

Yeah, I know what you mean. When I was about 6, I still remember it, there was a dream where I could fly. It involved Santa giving me and my brother magic powder that gave us the ability to fly on Christmas Eve. And the rest of the year, because of the powder, me and my brother were able to run really fast. Although all the details are hazy now, I distinctly remember winning a gold medal :smile:

Occasionally I’ll have a very epic, long-feeling dream - I like them in retrospect, but they’re usually sort of apocalyptic, so they’re not the most cheery dreams. I actually ended up turning an especially long and vivid dream into a short story a few years back.

I had a dream the other night where I actually helped to avert the apocalypse. That was really neat. :slight_smile:

Those are my favorite dreams, maybe even better than LDs. I love the ones when i dream about watching a film or something, theyre usually like that.

My last one that was like that, i dreamt that I watched a another sequel of the cube series. Compared to the horrible two follow-ups of the first film. This film was quite artisticaly directed. It had a lot of violence, i remember heads and blood flying around. And the main character got hit by a train in slow motion, the most vivid dream scene ive ever experienced. Makes me want to make movies :happy:

The two dreams I was talking about in my original post were great.

The first still gives me a warm feeling. It was simply two air ships of some sort at night, one much larger than the one I was on. I did some minor things in the dream, nothing worth mentioning. And then I turned around to look at the larger ship, which had a party going on. The scenery of the ship at night with all of the people simply put my dream self in awe, and when I woke up after the dream I still had that feeling. It was so detailed, so… majestic. It wasn’t the longest dream, but the feeling I got from it was amazing.

The second was quite a lengthy one involving me knowing how to travel to different worlds, each with a unique civilization. Each place I travelled seemed so rich with detail. That would have been a neat one to go lucid in :slight_smile:

Most of my dreams could probably be called “epic”, but because they’re so long there’s no way I have time to type them all up. Usually I only bother with the best ones, but sometimes even they get consigned to an unfinished state in the depths of Microsoft Word. :razz:

For the most epic of all the epic dreams I’ve typed up(seriously - it’s over 8000 words long and took me about three days to write down), just click on the link in my signature. :tongue: To summarise, I travelled into the past, the future, Australia, Libya, unknown countries and so on while trying to escape from evil assassins.

That did sound very cool - I would like to have seen it! By the way, the Jack Black dream was good too. I once dreamed I WAS Jack Black, which was actually quite horrifying at the time!

I find that on mornings where I can recall epic dreams, I’m in a much better state of mind. I’m really glad that I keep a DJ, so I can revisit these dreams anytime that I’d like. I mark the dreams that I wished would have continued on for a little while longer, just so I can fully experience it. Perhaps when I start LDing, I’ll do that…

Just wanted to add that the vast majority of my dreams are epic, so for me I kind of take it for granted.

I do get them, especially after going to sleep after not doing it for 24 hours or so. They are my favorite ones. They can be epic in that they are like long, complex soap-operas with some weird backstory, or epic in the literary meaning - featuring huge battles, duels and ferocious opponents. They’are also, obviously, the ones that are the hardest to forget :smile:

I had one recently where i was harry potter (WTF?) and that went on for a while, and then i was sad and decided to have a walk around, and met someof my friends in Y9 who were queueing up for their RE lesson (outside (WTF?)) and then we all went into another crowded building and settled down to watch a football match. it was much more detailed than that, but no-where near as epic as some of yours appear to be.

in another, i was Harry potter again (WTF? my subconcious is obsessed!) and Voldemort was having a big evil shopping centre built up and didnt seem in the least interested in killing me.

in another i was at some activity place and did loads, and then had to go back to this place cos id left my stuff behind.

I have dreams of the same quality, depth and detail level of Bokosuka Wars for the NES.

I love them :happy: My horror one with the pela was exciting and had a sad ending unfortunately.

off-topic: I always seem to create threads that have been made, i better start coming here more often :wink:

For me, epic dreams means not just long but filled with lots of adventure and drama :wink: One of the most vivid ones recently was where I was at work as a slave in a construction sight. We were making a large building out of metal so there were melting pots and welding going on all around. I’d been planning a rebellion but one of the slave-leaders turned on me and instead of holding back to attack later, I fought him. He had a ceremonial looking knife that he stabbed me with. I wrestled it from him and stabbed him back before running off and climbing up what had been built of the structure, knowing I was going to die from the knife wound but not really feeling any pain. We had a huge battle on the structure with lots of climbing and jumping around…it was great XD

I had an epic dream that I called “Bailey’s Scealo Adventures.” The name came from the end of it where that title just showed up but no one in it was named Bailey.

I can only remember key points in the dream and I made up some things because those things weren’t explained. It started out with me having a girl friend who’s Grandmother hated me so she put some spell on her that made her forget about me. I remember her hating me after that so I try to make her remember by going over to her house but her grandmother was there in a van on the driveway. She started driving after me trying to run me over so I try to get away and after a while I did. Then I actually reached my girlfriend and started trying to get her to remember me but then the dream ended. Then it went on to another dream where there was a title on a movie theater that said “Bailey’s Scealo Adventures.”

I hated that I couldn’t see the ending of it.

My dream are not usually epic in the lenght and fantasy style part… Its sad , very often my dream turn in a bad one where I just want to explore more and sometime I wake up too early and it make me angry.

I love my epic dreams. Most of my dreams are at least semi-lucid, so I can divert it if it gets too scary. However, I find that when I give my subconscious take free reign, I get even more vivid and complex dreams than anything that I could make up by myself.