Dream Charaters ?'s

Hello. Is it possible to make a DC (that is your IRL friend) become lucid? Can you see them if they aren’t dreaming?

Do you mean like shared dreaming. Or just turning your friend in to a DC??

I mean like, if you go to bed but the friend you want to see as a DC and he stays up late and doesn’t go to sleep until way later when you run out of lucidness. Is it possible to see them as a DC when they are awake in IRL?

well if you are talking about just a DC then its absoultley possibel anny one can be a DC.

But i think you are meaning shared reaming but im not that verry in to that. But i think that he must allso be lucid for shared dreaming to work. But i really dont know.

Okay. Thanks for your insight. :grin: