Dream Extension Methods

First of all, last night I experienced my first [/i]planned[i] lucid dream, it was exhilarating and eye-opening, the longest by far I’ve had. This is a brief summary:

" [i] I saw blackness, then, a dream-scape manifested in front of my eyes, I looked around, I realized it was not logical for me to be there. I jumped lightly off one foot, (RC -) and rushed across the room about 15 feet. I was certain, this was a dream. (!!!)

  Immediately, I began rubbing my hands together, ( an extension method) and it worked, I stayed asleep long enough that I could run outside, (it was dark) and practice jumping very high and far. Unfortunately, this was not working optimally, so I went back inside. 

 I began to be aware of my sleeping self, so I spun around rapidly, (another extension method) so to continue my dream. The dream-scape stayed similar, however two doors opened from my vision point. (It was as if my field of vision was a flat sheet and someone had cut a piece away and pivoted it) The left door lead to a pile of large stones, the right lead to mountains covered in snow. 
  The former looked more interesting, so I took it, (all the while reminding myself that I was dreaming) it lead to a construction site, I attempted summoning and telepathy, neither of which worked, but that was fine. I went down a flight of stairs and found my father, we had a brief conversation, he reached to take something out of a brief-case as my dream dissolved into a blue haze and I woke.[/i]"

I considered trying to re-enter the dream, but I feared I may forget too much if I failed to become lucid again. So I wrote the dream down in far more detail than I’ve listed here.

The lesson here is that I’ve proved to myself the validity of two fundamental techniques of dream extension: Hand rubbing and Spinning.

They are both highly effective. I’ll have to admit, I had my doubts about them.

This is good to hear :cool: It reminds me of my own first LD after joining LD4all! Congratulations! :cool_laugh: