Dream Guide?

I was taking a sleeping, and i had a lucid dream.

I was just talking to some DCs and i asked them a question that’s been egging me on for so long.

I asked “How long do you think I’ll live?”
Dc replied “Life is not measured by the number of breaths you take, but by the moments that take it away”

and that made me start crying, i woke up sobbing feeling a great amount of love and happiness.

This advice was extremly wise and heartwarming, what do you think?

What did the DC look like?

Perhaps it was your guide trying to tell you advice through a dream.

He was a tall man, dark hair, blue eyes. Athletic and he seems to be living in my subconcious, as in living for real. Every time i ask him if he lives in my dreams he says “I have been with you inside for all of your days, and i shall stay for the remaining” wtf?

dude that is amazing! What a great quote! :happy: Maybe he is a dream guide, or spirit guide. You should ask him if he is.

Yeah i should, trying to lucid dream again but WILD is irritating because it only stays around my knees >_>

Does he look like George Carlin by any chance?

George was dark haired, blue eyes and when he was younger had an athletic build and oddly enough, that’s where the quote comes from.

Odder still, He DID look like him :razz:

Oh, that was great, man. You’ve got some dream character.

I looked it up, and the original quote is “Life is not measured by the number of breaths we take, but by the moments that take our breath away.” Did you hear that quote before you DC said it? Or did he make it up from scratch?

i read it when i was like 4-7, wierd o.O

It sounds like a spirit guide encounter to me. I read in a book that meeting your spirit guide can make you feel so overwhelmed with joy that you end up physically in tears. Also, they usually communicate with you through your own subconscious. Perhaps it is your spirit guide communicating with you through your subconscious memories of George Carlin quotes? I hear they can also have a sense of humor! Interesting experience either way.

this is like the episode cartoon of

Bleach - with ichigo and his subconcious he has a mentor
guding him on his journey thru the astral world

Wow, that is a great quote indeed! Dreams do teach you some great lessons, don’t they? So far, I have never had a question answered directly in my dreams, but I have always received veiled messages that meant a lot to me.

What a lesson, huh?
DreamFoverer is right, dreams can teach us a lot. Great experience.

This quote was also in Hitch, so that may have reminded you.

Edit: wow, I’m looking at this post 4 years later and realize how terrible it must’ve sounded. You had a profound experience and I compared it to a comedy movie, I apologize for my past self.