Dream Herb Growing

Hello everyone,

Ive decided to start growing and share the experience of growing different herbs that are to help with lucid dreaming. The 3 herbs I started with are Mugwort, Calea Z and Silene Capensis. Ive gotten the Mugwort and Calea Z seeds just today in plan on planting them tomorrow. I feel if grow the herbs for myself instead just buying it from some place it makes the journey more personal. Love to hear others input on this topic and Look forward to the growing and dream experience ahead…

I hope you aren’t allergic to pollen if you plan on growing mugwort! Mugwort pollen can be a really nasty allergy trigger. If you are allergic and get exposed to a lot of mugwort pollen, you can start to get allergic reactions to fruits!

Calea seeds can be very tricky to germinate. I have personally not succeeded with them. I hope you will have more luck.

Be careful with dosage if you’re intending to take them medicinally.

Mugwort is an ingredient in some Japanese recipes, e.g. Kusa mochi. There are several subspecies; i don’t know offhand which subspecies are the culinary and the medicinal one.

I don’t have allergies so it shouldn’t be problem with pollen. The strain of mugwort is the one that is used for lucid dreaming and Im hoping to have good luck with the calea z. The reason I’m doing this post is to document the process so other my have a easier time in the future.

Growing plants is a good practice of dedication and patience and purpose. Advice I was given this year when growing my own garden was to always be in a good mood around your plants. Create a routine and a relationship with them. They will feel and feed off the good vibes. When the time comes to harvest them the plants will give that goodness back to you. I bet if you pour your good intentions for dreaming into the plants you will get a powerful harvest. Hope to hear some good reports from you soon.

Yayy I love this thread!

I am also growing Calea Z! I’ve heard they are incredibly hard to germinate, and sure enough. I found a thorough botanical website going into detail about how to best germinate them, and I still only managed to germinate 10 of the 60 seeds I started. They’re still young and it may be possible that more will come up, but I’m thinking that this is my final yield… which is plenty anyway :smile:

If interested, the website is:

worldseedsupplydotnet.blogspot.c … a-zacatech ichi-from.html?m=1

Just be careful about which strain you get. Apparently most seeds online that claim to be Calea Z are actually the non bitter variety of the dream herb and are believed to be fairly inactive as an oneirogen. Here are a couple threads talking about it:

shaman-australis.com/forum/i … er-non-bit ter-calea-z-mexican-dream-herb-activenon-active/

I was lucky enough to find a small company is Australia called Fair Dinkum Seeds, that went out of their way to specify that their strain that they grow personally (from which the seeds come) is indeed the bitter variety. Their product description explained it all:

fairdinkumseeds.com/products-pa … inal-plant s/true-bitter-dream-herb-calea-zacatechichi-ternifolia-seeds/

They are a very nice and friendly company and even threw in some bonus surprise seeds for me in my order! We’ll soon find out if theirs truly are the bitter variety.

I agree that it is much more satisfying of an experience to grow your own dream herbs! Enjoy! ðŸ˜


The Silene Capensis - “The African dream root” has shown up today in the mail and will be started tomorrow.