Dream Journal Style

Do people think it makes a difference whether you record your dreams by writing them down in a book as opposed to typing them on a computer? I find my laptop more convenient to use in the middle of the night, but I bought a new book I was thinking of writing in…

people say its better to write them down in a journal

I like the idea of a journal a little more, it just seems slightly more significant and personal (its also easier to draw or write in comments); that said, there isn’t anything inherently wrong with a computerized dream journal.

there’s something romantic about a handwritten journal.
and you can draw little pictures. :grin:

Yeah I agree, but I’m worried I’ll be less likely to use it because it’s inconvenient in the middle of the night. I have kept normal journals before and I love hand writing and drawing… hmm.

i would find a laptop very inconvenient to be honest.
all that turning on.
and light.

I just never turn it off. It’s on sleep so the screen is dark but when I hit a key it wakes up. I find it easier than trying to find a torch or bedside light and then find a book and then find a pen.

that actually sound pretty friggin convenient.

So I’ve decided what to do:

I will continue taking notes at night on my laptop and then record them in more detail by hand in my book, along with drawings if I feel like it. I wrote down all of today’s dreams and did a couple of little drawings to go with them.

Unfortunately the outside cover is not really appropriate so I may have to do something about that…

I actually record my dreams on my phone at night and later during the day, or whenever I find the time, I type them up in Word documents.

But I got myself one of those really cool paperblank things:

And since I’ve taught myself a new handwriting (i.e. a legible one) I’ll start taking notes in those and type up my digital Dream Journal from there. They look really cool, IMO. Yeah, they can be a bit pricey (15-20 euros a piece), but they’re just so pretty and feel special. Most office supply stores carry them nowadays. They come in many different styles too.

I think it’s easier to have a written dream journal because then you can add little notes or sketches by what you write. :happy:

i write down all my normal dreams in a book and all of my lucid ones on the computer.

Bedside lamps are wonderful for late-night journaling, though I’ve gotta admit that I’ve been really lazy about that lately.

In my experience, I can remember having the dream a lot better if I write it down on paper instead of typing it out; something about actually having to form the individual letters makes it more personal and easier to commit to memory. But there are some people out there who only write their dreams on computer, and they seem to do just fine. Mebbe I’m just weird :tongue: .

Me, too! Or, very weird normal dreams.

Otherwise, I keep the pen in the notebook like a bookmark to a fresh page, and scribble with the lights off or with my eyes half-closed. If I wake up too much, too soon, like computer-writing will do, then I forget a lot of the details.

Also like to illustrate :smile:

This is also true for me, especially since I can now read my own handwriting after learning a new one, haha. Also, because an actual notebook is more personal, it might be another way to motivate people to remember dreams, since they want to fill it up. Again, true for me.