Dream pain isnt fun

lol in my case it was more like puppies turning into monsters. and yes I was lucid :nuu:

on topic, I was also curious and in one LD I had tried hurting myself, one time expecting the pain, and the next time expecting the same injury to not hurt…and it was exactly like that

In normal dreams, I’m not sure…I can’t recall a dream in which I would feel real pain
although I can remember many dreams in which I should have felt horrible pain, like being rid of skin, having my skull cut open or being shot…I just didn’t remember any feeling of pain right after waking up, even though it had been a highly disturbing experience while in a dream…

hm i was thinking of cutting a leg off in a LD… wonder how that’d go…

With myself, the pain usually runs in nightmares. And whatever the pain is I wake up feeling it for the rest of the day. So like, I’ll get my throat cut and feel like I’ve got a knife pressed against my neck for the rest of the day. So yeah, no fun.

I can’t remember any particularly painful dreams in a long while. Though, from what I’ve read, your body simulates the experience quite well.

It may be relevant to how much pain u have felt before, altho i cant say i have any traumatic painfull experiences that i recall. I actualy have a very high pain tolerance. Strangly the dream wasnt a nightmare it was actualy a pretty cool jungle based shoot out that i was doing well with, untill i got hit then it was just shot after shot as i tried to get away and each one hurt realy bad, just was seeing who else had a similar experience.

LOL thinking of your dream punishment like falling from height or be in an explosion made me laugh, poor you! :colgate:

When i was i child i dreamed of a golden knight who knocked me down and finished me with his spear, i felt that i was loosing all energies and i had no breath left but i remember that there was no pain after all!

The only pain i’ve felt is very numbened down pain, or that intense “tickling” sensation, only had the intense tickling sensation when I had nightmares as a kid though.

when i get hurt i dont feel pain in my dreams :wink:

I guess it’s more your mind expecting you to feel pain than actual pain. I suppose it would depend on what pain you have ever experienced in your real life. Personally I’ve only felt mild pain in dreams but I’ve never had a bad injury in real life so I wouldn’t really know what to expect.

good dreams come from good habits and thoughts through the day , and good desires ,

playing a fictional game lucid like , paintball, or pretend non realistic violence is much better, and so is doing exploration ,

if its an ND think about why wo9uld your mind want to shoot you and what odes it relate to , what were you thinking or doing or creating or focusing on in your day that would cause you to create a strong enough imagination of that to have it happen and hurt ,

and what thoughts did you think --> while < – dreaming ? that caused it to happen , ?

For me, dream pain isn’t horrible. Whenever I do something painful in a LD i just tingle a little and move on. Of course, I haven’t had that much experience with pain in a LD overall.

Well I have only experienced pain once in that dream when I got a huge bit of wood through my palm, but it was more funny than painful. It’s how I reacted in the ND that made me laugh.

My sense of touch is extremely dulled in dreams. In fact, the only time I feel pain in them is if my IWL body is in bad pain.

my pain in dreams is quite painful .
it really hurts, unless I get killed (in dream of course)
but in lucid dream it doesn’t hurt

hi guys iwanna know if it happened to anyone else or is it just me
i have this nightmare that i get into a fight and everytime i get hit in my tresticals(sorry guys…my balls) and the pain is indiscribable im trying to get lucid for a while now i hop i can over come the guy next time
and good luck to all of you guys

Hey, welcome to LD4all :welcome:

In dreams, your mind simulates pain. If you’re hit the the groin, your mind will try to duplicate that pain as much as possible to RL. The same goes for pleasure. When you’re in an LD, however, pain is more based on what you expect it to feel like. Let us know if you have any other questions about how to become lucid :content:

I had a dream i got stabbed in the like…shoulder blade area with an arrow…it was just reallly uncomfortable…It didn’t really hurt to bad but it was just annoying

I’ve had that happen too, excpet mine was in the heart. It felt more like an ache than actually being shot, but maybe that’s because your SC doesn’t want to duplicate life threatening pain?

In lucid dreams I feel things like in real life. I can feel the wind around me when flying, the warmth and dryness of a DC’s hand when I shake it. The coolness of water when I dive in it, and also pain. My foot scraped a tree branch when I flew too low and it felt real. I’ve been reading about OBEs and the author is writing about how how much more realistic then LDs they are. Guess he hasn’t been in mine. I am curious to find out though. :pharaoh:

Wow, guys, all these stories are certainly interesting! Isn’t it amazing how every single sense is stimulated in dreams?

I have just woken up from a ND where I was playing basketball with my roommate. When I tried to score a point, he grabbed my neck with one of his arms and would’t let go. I started to asphyxiate! I shouted “Dude, let go! DUDE!” and the feeling was horrible (I still feel the pressure in my neck as I write this). Even worse, my dream roommate didn’t let me do a RC. It was so weird being suffocated by my own friend that I thought “quick, I need a nose RC!!” Never happened, I just could’t move my arms. :razz:

So I guess pain is a very convenient way to gain lucidity, maybe? It almost worked for me!