Dream Recall Exersizes?

Are there any dream recall exersizes I could do when I wake up and before I fall asleep. :confused:

As soon as you wake up, tell yourself out loud what the dream was about (No need to shout, whisper will do just fine), this will help you remember your dream the rest of the day atleast.

The best dream recall exercice is following the advices in the LD4all LD’ing guide. :wink: A dream journal and a pen near your bed, a bit of autosuggestion before going to sleep by repeating mentally “Today morning, I’ll remember my dreams” or something like that. And when you wake up, you don’t move and try to remember your dreams, and you write down immediatly everything you remember even if it’s just a vague feeling. You’ll see, your dream recall will soon increase. :smile:

What I do sometimes is just add-on to the Dream Journal a bit; notes on things I didn’t add the first time. Somehow trying to remember others dreams right before going to bed helps me.