Dream recall, no problem. Now what?

I have read so much I guess I just want to clarify what really is the next most important step to begin to integrate in the pursuit of lucidity. I recall at least one dream at night nearly every day. I have done that for years. I used to lucid dream as younger man (around 16-19 years of age) but have not done it for quite some time (I am now 33).

I used to have what you guys call OBE’s a lot by my standards. Had a season of about a year and half that I had 3 dozen experiences that were in that category. Some just in my room, others with travel to places in my city. They ALL had very spiritual elements in them.

Then they just stopped. I did not travel again for many years but did finally travel about 7 years ago and then have not again.

So that is a mega nutshell version of my “experiences”. Any thoughts?

I would say start using the WILD method together with WBTB.
If you need more information … there is basic info on the main site and lots of information in the sticky topics.

Do you keep a dream journal? It always improves any dream recall you have :smile:

From what I read, I think WILD is the most appropriate for me.

I am still a little hazy why RC’s are so important during waking hours. Is it just to create the habit of checking so you will continue to check when your dreaming?

I have not kept a dream journal as it is described on the forum. I do write down dreams I believe to be significant, most of the time, but I have so many dreams that I remember I would need to really step up the discipline of journaling to keep up. It sounds like this would be a good thing…

Yup, that’s exactly what they are. The idea is that what you do while awake, you also do habitually in your dreams. So, if you ask yourself if your dreaming while you’re awake, you will probably do the same in a dream eventually.

Thanks Josh.

windwords … even if you don’t keep a full journal just the act of doing brief summaries of all your dreams would help.

you say you remember one dream a night… the average can be three or more


Thanks so much. I know I need to and will start to do so. I have felt this for quite sometime even for non LDing reasons but now this is just one more good reason for me to get on the ball. 3 or 4 a night eh? Very cool!

Starting a DJ not only helps with your recall, but forumers can get a look at what goes through your mind as well. It’s pretty cool to see what everyone thinks, and you can’t be called a weird-sick-oh-my-gosh-what-a-freak here, seeing as everyone is. (It’s a good thing, don’t stone me! :razz:)

/me hubs everyone that replies to his DJ. :hugs:

Sounds good Wolf, thanks!