Dream Recall & Photographic memory

My bf and I started trying to remember dreams a week ago. So far i’ve been successful, and been remembering at least 2 fragments of dreams a night(mostly complete dreams) but he hasn’t succeded at all.
He’s been trying Mild and autosuggestion. Also setting an alarm. He’s got his Dream journal.
But he hasn’t been able to remember dreams any more than he usually does, (one per week or less) So I’m posting this in his behalf. He wonders if his ability to remember everything IWL is messing with his ability to remember dreams. He’s got an excelent photographic memory and he can describe everything he’s done this week, this month, this year. He can even remember what he was wearing the first day at school ( 25 years back) or whatever detail you may ask him about his life. Everything he pays attention to, goes into his Long term memory.
In his journal he tried writting down his intention, and even dreamsigns of previous dreams (from years back) in order to fill that dream journal so that his mind would start remembering dreams. But no results yet. So what is it happening? any suggestions for this? can there be people who cannot remember their dreams due to other aspects of the mind, such as a great WL memory or other stuff?

Just had a thought … if remembering comes too easy in daily life, then he will have little practice of making an effort to recall things.

Main aids to recall are

  1. Set the intention to remember your dreams before you go to sleep.
  2. Don’t move when first waking lie still and see if any vague memories surface.
  3. If you find one, tentatively try to capture more … earlier and later along the dream timeline.
  4. If no recall at all, try sleeping for a different amount of time. Waking earlier or later may be a better part of the sleep cycle for recall.
  5. Make sure you are getting enough sleep.

tyvm but he’s tried this before :smile:

maybe he should come of MILD for a while then. this might not be for everyone, but with me, MILD actually works in the opposite direction–instead of getting me an LD, i hardly remember my dreams. it might be the same with him. dry spells (as i’ve been told) are usually the product of someone trying too hard, and maybe that’s what he’s doing. alarms are fine, as long as they’re set to the right times (after a sleep cycle), but he might want to experiment a little with the different times (4.5, 6, 7.5, 9 hours). but yeah my suggestion is to come of MILD for a bit and see if that works

Thank you! he’ll try that.