Dream Recognition

Is it normal to remember bits and pieces of your prior dream throughout the day? For example I’m an aircraft mechanic, as I was opening the hangar doors this afternoon I had a flash back of my dream last night that I didn’t document in my DJ or remember after I woke up.

Sorry mods, I realized this should have been posted in a different section.

most likely something at that momment triggered your recall:)

I get this bits of recall too. Its weird because they sometimes seem like distant memories, but then I remeber here they came from.

Yea I get this all the time. All the sudden something I’m looking at, holding or thinking of will trigger a forgotten dream memory. For example, I saw a bottle of honey than remembered I dreamt I put too much honey in my tea. It’s pretty cool when that happens.

You see, that’s because brain doesn’t know exactly if something was done by physical action or maybe something that you remembered. For example: you see your ex and you are very angry with him/her and that physical action of seeing him will cause you to feel in that way and it will “activate” brain in some specific way, but if you think about him/her you will get the same result even without seeing him/her.

That’s why dreams feel so real because to brain doesn’t matter if you experienced something with your external “sensors” or internal “sensors” you just experienced something which at the end is experience or memory!

Yeah, it happens to me all the time, almost every day ^^

Delayed dream recall…Happens often…Guess its normal. Its somewhat entertaining when you think about how an object or phrase could somehow trigger a late dream recall.

I figured it was normal but I was unsure, it’s happend to me quite a few times now since I’ve created this topic. Almost gives me a euphoric feeling, it’s like I’ve accomplished something great.