Dream 'Treasure' Hunt. :) Cobweb

“exploring the party”
I was going to mention the current wing quest. :lol:
Good luck with both goals tonight.

I also had a dream about a garden:

The rest was a bad FA, but the garden part was nice :cool:

Aren’t you going to choose a new object, then? :yes:

Or was your dream before the task was set?

Oh, no, the dream was from Sunday! :cool:

I’ll follow Qu’s example and pick an object from my dream: an egg.

Good choice. This evening, I’ve just found a whole nest one of my ducks had made in a bush. With luck, that will now provoke more kinds of incubation than one…

I’m sure you will get one of these objects soon DeRuyter

Getting close. I don’t think I have dreamt of an egg in my life. :eh:

  1. What? No Eggs?
  2. Unless the Dress is Eggshell Colour… :tongue:

Woot! I managed this in the second dream here. I mean, it was never specified what type of egg we had to dream of. :woah:

For the next item I pick: Book. Because that was just about the only thing I didn’t dream of. :peek:

This was actually from a couple of nights ago, I forgot what the treasure hunt item was. :tongue:

Edward Bookhands

For the next item, I choose: Tree

:yay: book --> tree --> ? seed next :tongue:

Those toy books reminded me of a toy cardboard box full of 12 tiny story books I owned as a child. I loved them. Each book contained a full story with illustrations. :read:

Awesome work, Obfusc8! Love the dream!

And moogle, I had books like that as a kid, too. I had a set of fairytale stories, so like Tom Thumb and The Emperor’s New Clothes and the like.

/me will try dreaming of a tree :woah:

While Dreamers are waiting for NDC13 to begin on Wednesday … why not have a practice incubation on the Treasure Hunt? Current object is tree.

Oh no! I always get to this page from the “Recently Posted” section, so I didn’t know it was under Normal Dreams. I saw the tree in an LD, does that count?

Full story here. I combined it with my quest attempt. Technically, I saw lots of trees before getting to the castle, since the lake was surrounded by forest, but I didn’t have one as the subject of my dream until the end.

If my attempt was valid, I choose something from my dream:


I know he’s possibly not a dream object, so quick everyone, find him before the League for Non-Objectification of Horticultural Personnel complains!

(Edit: I suppose cat wasn’t an object either :tongue: )

Success! Gardener found: my mum! :tongue:

Berries Grow Best with Yoghurt

Next object: SPOON! :happy:

congrats obfusc, that last one was a tricky one.

i have been trying to dream of spoons since the last post, and in the last few days ive had tons of spoon dreams. the first included many people mixing up various casseroles with spoons. last night i had a dream that was just a bunch of spoons of different sizes floating through the air.

next: a dish

Took a while but finally got a dish.


Lets have an easy one :tongue:

Toilet :toilet:


Last night i found myself on one. The whole dream is chaotic (eg lacks a coherent storyline, many seemingly disjointed scenes).

But this one relevant for the treasure hunt:

I enter the toilet stall and sit on the toilet. The toilet stall is small, but clean. I close the door in front of me. I see it has doesnt reach the floor but there is a gap a few centimeters. Luckily not too large for anyone to be able to peek, I think. Then the cat I used to own 20 years ago peeks under the door :lol: i find it funny :tongue:

Next target, how could it not be? A cat!

Edit: when editing the title for the new target I saw moogle started with cat! Well, again a cat :wink:

:woah: Someone actually has dreams where the toilet is clean?? Lucky!

And oooh, cat can. Not that I can say I’ve ever had one appear in my dreams, but who knows this time. :peek:

Love the cat … typical cat peeking to see you. When I saw the topic title, my first thought was … has the forum had a glitch. :rofl: