Dream 'Treasure' Hunt. Crayon 🖍

a moogle!

Difficult, but not impossible :fist:

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I hope lucid dreams are in the spirit of this game?


If its ok, I choose a ship! :ship:


ship ey,thafs gonna be easyyyy

Lol :rofl: Good luck!

Got it! Hehehe

(Excerpts from) Jan 14, 2021

I’m on the lower deck of a ship. There are bars on the little round windows to help protect them from getting broken and letting water in, but now they’re preventing everyone from getting out.

I stand with my back up against a door. Water rushes in from underneath it and is filling the room. There are 6 of us in here. We’ve got to find a way out! The ship is sinking!

I think there’s a way out on the other side of the door, but it’s not as fast as getting out through the windows would be. I also know that if I open the door the water is going to flood in faster so I keep it closed as the others try to figure out the windows.

Everyone is panicking and the energy is tense. The water continuously rises and when we barely have room to breathe I decide it’s time to look for another way and open the door. I hold my breath. I hope everyone follows me, or that they figure out the windows quickly.

I easily pull the door off the hinges and pull it along with me as I swim through a hallway, throwing it at the end of the hallway to break the side of the ship open.

I can see it will work as a way out and I debate if I should swim back now to get the others. I should get some air first, I think, and swim out and to the surface.

I tread water and look around, there are three of the other people here, meaning there are still two in the ship. I think about going back, but the others seem to think it’ s too late.

I think my sister was one of the two that weren’t able to escape, and I struggle to process her death.

[[End Recall…]]

An excerpt from a lucid dream, later in the same night:

“STEVE!( Is that you?)”
She replies playfully like she was trying to trick me but I caught her “YUP!”

I run my hands through her hair and find her appearance shifts to something that looks more like her usual self. We walk into the coffee shop together and sit down at a bar.

“What do you want (to eat or drink? Remember, no coffee…)”

CAKE!” She replies enthusiastically.

I laugh, “Alright,” I raise my voice to the wait staff and gesture to the empty bar in front of us. “Let’s get some cake over here!”

[[Sniped conversation]]

We sit somberly until someone brings us our cake.

It’s a single slice of mousse cake or cheese cake. It has a gram cracker crust and swirls of chocolate and caramel syrup on top. STEVE shoots me a mischievous grin as I notice the fancy coffee beans on the cake.

I can’t help but laugh as I roll my eyes. “Alright, fine, have your coffee beans.” It think the cake might contain some kind of coffee liquor. It’s very rich and it’s delicious. We enjoy it together…

I choose cake! :cake:

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This morning I had two FAs in both of which I was writing down dreams of the night. Then I woke up for good and really wrote my dreams down. As I revised the memories from the night I realized that those FAs injected a lot of FM about dreams that didn’t actually happen. So it was really muddled. But somewhere in there was also something about a cruise ship and it was definitely a reference to this thread. So I may have dreamt of a ship too, or I may have dreamt that I was recalling a dream of a ship as I was writing dreams down :lol:

Anyway, your ship is much more solid, as solid as a dream ship can be anyways. So the treasure is definitely yours :tongue:

Hmm, cake next? That should be easy as pie! Or will it… :thinking:

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I had a dream of eating the biggest cake in the world.Then i woke up andd checked ld4all,and one of the unread ones was this with cake,so -I laughed a lot wen i saw this.

I choose,a flying car (how hard or easy would this be?)

I have a "does it count? " dream haha:

(Excerpts from) Jan 29, 2021

(…) I walk to the side of the hotel and stick my body through a window. I guess this is a dream, then. Earlier in the dream S had agreed to take me to the skate park. I decide I still want to go and I see her vehicle driving beside the hotel.

I see her in the passenger seat, and Carol at the wheel. She turns around the side of the hotel out of sight and I quickly follow.

I see the SUV has changed into a slick sports car the same jade green as Carol’s lipstick. It’s a convertible and the top is down. S is gone, but Carol casually leans against the side of the vehicle.

(Will you give me a ride to the skate park?)

She smirks and moves behind the wheel (Sure.)

I get in the passenger side and she takes off at an almost reckless speed. We zoom through the landscape with the carnival on our right and the river on our left. There are several hills, and with the speed, the car lifts into the air at the crest of every hill, soaring into the sky. I feel weightless in the air like gravity has been suspended until we hit the ground with a little bounce. I am delighted; this is really fun. Carol matches her driving to how one might tear around in a vehicle based video game, although gracefully and without damaging the vehicle.

We zoom over a little stream from the river and I think too late that I should have used it to make a ramp out of ice…

I had really initially dismissed this one as one that I wouldn’t even get close to, since cars don’t come up in dreams that often for me (unless I’m struggling to control one), so you’ve got my best here :lol:
If it’s close enough I suppose I would chose…a river?


Last night’s dream sent me on vacation with my ex-girlfriend. We were swimming along a river :swimming_man:

For the next object I’ll give you something super easy: dream journal :notebook:

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lol, that will be a fast one

It’s kind of funny because it’s only context that makes it so easy. If you were playing this game with regular people, maybe nobody will ever dream of something strange like a dream journal. Most people probably never even saw one in real life.
Here however, a colourful and mixed bunch we are from all over the world, something special and strange like a dream journal is what we have in common and most of us dream about, too :content:

I’ll start thinking about the next object already, because like you said, the current one shouldn’t take very long. It’s in the spirit of the treasure hunt not to find your own object though, right?

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You can do it for fun and post here but not change the object. Also you could use your journal for current quest Animated Communication. :slight_smile:

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You just gave me an idea: maybe I will animate my dream journal! Then I can have recursive loops by asking “Tell me what I will write into you after waking up?“

The correct answer would be that I asked it this question and it replied that I asked it this question and it replied that I asked it this question… And maybe the dream will melt down :rofl:


I’ve got it—saw a dream journal in this morning’s dream. Sitting under my pillow, as usual.
March 10, 2021

I’ll say the next one will be a pen! :pen:


I had an FA this morning in which I was writing down my dreams. I remember for sure that I used my normal DJ pen for that :stuck_out_tongue:

Next prize: noodles :ramen:
(Pasta also counts, in case you’re that kind of person that likes to distinguish)


@Marvin read my dream from yesterday and seemed to indicate that the pool noodle I dreamt about may qualify for the noodles :ramen: prize… So… since he picked that item for the current hunt objective I guess it counts, eh? :stuck_out_tongue:

In that case… the next objective should be for a gemstone of some kind. As long as it’s shiny, it counts! :gem:


So easy to forget this. So an aid to inspiration.


If the plastic gemstones in my dream last night count (they were shiny, just plastic :lol:) I choose the next object to be a crayon!


I almost forgot about the treasure hunt! Just the other day I remembered this topic and found I had trouble to recall what the prized item even is. For those who feel like me, here’s a bump :nodnodwinkwink:

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it has been a while. don’t think I have ever had a crayon in a dream.