Dreaming in 3rd Person

I sometimes get dreams where I can see myself doing actions from behind or infront almost like a mirror. Its pretty cool. What does that usually mean in a dream? I usually think that it means that you have less controll in the dream. Please discuss.

I think “less” acutally means no control, since I have never heard about LD played in 3rd person. I might be wrong though but it’s rather hard even to imagine it.

I think he means ND’s in 3rd person…

yeah, wrong section

Sometimes when I do crazy stuff in LDs, I notice that I’m in 3rd person all of a sudden. And here I’m talking about stuff like flying while spinning at the same time or jumping around with backflips. Also when I’m spinning around to increase lucidity I notice that I’m in 3rd person.

This however - I think - is merely a question of your mind having difficulties imagining what it would be like if seen from 1st person. I’ve been trying to come up with some methods to avoid this problem and during the last lucid dream I had, I actually managed to get backflips into 1st person again. I simply tried to imagine what I’m about to see before doing the jump. Then when doing it, I see it from 1st person all the way.

This is the same technique I use when teleporting to other places that I can see in front of me. I simply imagine what it would be like over there, and then I just do it…

I am in no way an experienced lucid dreamer, but this is what I’ve been able to conclude from what I’m dreaming…

EDIT: If you’re talking about a ND that you had, then I don’t think it really means anything… but if a LD goes into 3rd person, then yes, it probably means that you have less control in the dream.

Most of my LD’s have come from 3rd person ND’s.

I realised i was watching myself walk around, so I willed myself to ‘zoom in’, and suddenly I was in my body, LD’ing.