Dreaming up the new LD4all design...

I’m currently in the process of revamping the site.

My way of doing that is to dream it up :smile:

tonight i had my first LD in which i saw the new design. Looking good :smile:

what i post this for is to know from you if you have any requests concerning the new site. What do you miss on ld4all what you would really want to see? What do you really like on the site what mustn’t dissapear?

The revamping is a whole project and can take up several months.

I really appreciate any input you might have, so i can use it to improve ld4all.

looking forward to your suggestions :wiske:

when you implied you were gonna take out some stuff…

surely not the “secret” to making the pictures change on the main page?!??!! that was SOOOOO puzzling!

Hmm, perhaps you should put more info in the main page about basic techniques like WILD and stuff.

I love this place just the way it is. Hmm, but maybe…

…lots more info / links / techniques on the main part of the site. Also you really should have your own link page, not just a redirect to dream.start4all.com. Half of the links on that site are 404’s.

I don’t really know how you can improve on the graphical side though, they are wonderful. I think everyone loves the graphics on this site.

Are you the artist that drew the graphics?

OOh, if you had the time and space, you should really feature a dream/LDreamer every week or month somewhere.
If I can think of anything else that may improve it or make it more user friendly, I’ll be sure to tell ya.

Good luck on the blueprints.
Take your time and get it perfect, I know you will anyway.

Be sure to keep the Todays Lucid Tip up.
I like it.

oh oh I agree with all of the above. You should add more tips though. I see some over and over.

i thought that secret wasn’t so hard to find, was it really?
seriously i’m thinking of removing that whole picture-in-the mirror thing, but maybe i shouldn’t…

i’m working towards a more interactive site, not only the forum, but on the whole site room for input and changing things (like the tip of the day, but then more things like that)

yep, all graphics are done by me, exept the rotating logo at the beginning [well, the logo is done by me, somebody else made it rotate so cool]

yes, i plan on making an interactive links section where ppl can post their own links as well

glad you like the lucid tip of the day… :peek: every month they recycle… you are right, it is time to put in some new ones :grin:

thanks for the suggestions, keep 'em coming!

I dont know how it goes with space and all that computer/website stuff but i think it would be nice to have a picture post somwhere if anyone has some exhibitionistic needs:)
apart from thi i wouldnt change a thing:)

I’m sorry, I was being sarcastic about the whole picture thing. You should just put up a section that says “Pasquale’s dream art.” heh heh.

oh we’d better have something like a rating system so we can vote to erase those porn links people will eventually put up.

You can download my ranking-ladder-scripts (asp) from my website if you have any long list of artwork, photos or text items etc that are suitable for public voting. (But I can’t think of any lucid dream related data to rank).

how i do it
(2 items from a list are shown at random - a visitor votes for 1 of the 2 random items - of the two, the item that wins, migrates up the ladder in rank one step - the item that looses, migrates down the ladder in rank one step - adding votes is addictive and people don’t know how to stop - the resulting ranking order never settles and is in continuous flux like boiling water - but the cream rises to the top)

I use this system to rank my paintings, quatrains, and links.

Also I’m not a fan but I tried making a Buffy-Episode-Ranking-Ladder. Unfortunately it was way too popular and I decided I had to disable this ladder to stop the server from failing.

thanks for the ladder idea…

a dreamart section, that’s a good one :smile:

you have to be more specific whether you are talking about the site as a whole or just the forum, i get confused :cool: - the voting system you mean for the forum, right? no? :grin:

MEH? I was talking about the whole “interactive link” section where it is to my understanding that we post the links that we think are good for lucid dreamers? Is that right? But the whole other thing I accidentally mentioned is good too :cool: thank my stupidity for it

My favorite interactive site is https://www.para-normal.com. They have everything (they went to the extreme I think). They have music, photos, comments on recent stories, instant messenger, buddy lists, chess, your own start-up page (customised of course), forum, chat, who’s online, member profile of the day (shudders).

Way too much interaction.

:eek: that’s indeed very interactive

infection0: for the links section they will first have to be approved until appearing on the page. That’s the plan anyway :cool:

Is this still happening?

actually, if it is there is one thing i wouldnt mind seeing. You know how just above my little post here it has the date of the month and the month that this was posted. Well is there any way that there could be a year thing as well? cuz well i noticed that this topic is from last, but couldnt tell if i didnt know the months.

Or is it there and i am just so blind 2night that i cant see it… :bored:


Richard :bounce:

r3m0t: yes, this is still happening.

as i said, it can take several months. And then several more months after that… To give an indication, the current design took me more than a year to complete.

The only thing you can do is be patient :smile:

i think you have to change your time settings in your profile - i have the year in it.

try this one

D M d, Y g:i a

ooOOooo thanx for that :bounce:

yea it worked…now why didnt i hit the edit button oh well, thanx Q hey wasnt there a worship emoti thing in there before?

I can’t wait to see it. Epic Dewfall, do you know how long I’ve been searchingfor a voting system, that I don’t have to make. I mde my own, but it only allows to votes, and is vunrable if they reset their cookies.

I looked on some webpages and saw links to LD4ALL. But they seem to be old links, and give 404s. When ever I see them I usually email the admin with the updated link.

Good luck, take your time.

BTW, Link’s brocken: epicdewfall.ca/laddercode.shtml :sad: