Dreaming with others

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My roommates and I have all been trying to LD for about a month with not much success. We talk about it a lot and we hadn’t had much luck having lucid dreams. Last night i finally had my third lucid dream. I woke up late in the day and talked to my roommates only to find out that BOTH of them had also had lucid dreams the night before. On top of that we all had similar situations. Although the dreams were different both my roommates and I had lucid dreams inside other dreams. All 3 of us went lucid for a while, and then all 3 of us woke up to still be in another dream.


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That must have been a great morning for all three :content: And while it is surely a peculiar thing that all three got lucid in the same day, the fact of going lucid from “dreaming in a dream” is quite the common occurrence, not to mention the FA’s.
Also, I could give an explanation for the fact you all got lucid on the same night, but I guess I’ll leave it at that. :smile:

May you and your friends have plenty more LD’s! ^^

I would like to hear you explanation for why all 3 of us would have had LDs the same night!

The fan could have been of help, as it allows a smoother transition of consciousness into sleep. It could also have to do with what you talked about the day before, especially before bed. Plus, I guess there could have been some temperature difference in the room since the last nights (hence the fan), so that is another factor that spikes consciousness (more in general, different conditions of sleep than ordinary). But at this point, it’s more like wild guesses :tongue:

How do those sound?

There have been experiments in which multiple test persons were shown the same stream of images before going to sleep and they often dreamed almost the same dream as a result. So, it’s possible that all 3 of you experienced the same particular stimuli during day time, which triggered the lucid dream at night.

It works very similar to what many people mistake for mind-reading between close relatives. When people grow up together and share a lot of time together their brain will create similar triggers to remember shared events. This often results in situations in which they will think or say the exact same thing after hearing or seeing something. Identical twins that also spend a lot of time together can develop brain structures so similar that it can easily be mistaken as a paranormal connection.