Dreams of Light

I had a dream very short but most profound. I saw a lighthouse on the shore of Bethany Beach, Delaware. There where miles of lighthouses. Suddenly the lighthouse lit up and then in a flash every lighthouse lit up. I then became the light in the lighthouses. I can not explain how I felt words only dim the experience. I knew everything, understood everything, and excepted everything. It was as if I was the source I was the SUN. Now in my waking life I can go back to that place through my memory and see everything clearly. It is a source of all knowledge that we all have access too with the right perspective.
:bulb: My question is have any of you experienced a dream of light or the sun that you could share with me. :content:

Well I had a dream me and my friends weaved togeather a wooden raft(we were on a scout camp) and some aliens pulled us into a ship and flioed us flying into the sun… then. I wasent very vivid as well

interesting that u where weaving together the raft and then the aliens pulled u into the ship (as if helping u get closer to the sun?). How do u feel about spaceships? I had a dream once not to long ago that a voice told me " In this human form of consciousness we would not perceive a spaceship as you think of it appearing on TV".
If it where my dream I would feel that working together weaving my experiences with others will help me understand a new paradigm or level of consciousness that will transport (spaceship) me closer to the source or Soul (the sun).
Thank u for sharing that dream Niclebrick! By the way how did u come up with your name? :smile:

In case you haven’t already, you might be interested in following the videos of this YouTuber, starseed, and lucid dreamer:


One of his ‘layers of a lucid dream’ videos mention that he became one with the sun. I think it started out with him being a squirrel.

This is interesting because in near death experiences or any sort of dream state this light becomes one with us. People often call this light GOD and I also like to refer to this GOD as us. When we feel peace and feelings of unconditional love with the light it makes me wonder. What is the light? Why is it harder for some people to go to the light? What is the lights significance (because not all experiences with light have the same meaning or do not mean in anyway becoming one with the light).

I’ve had light dreams before. Its usually a side symbol to some of my recent dreams. Recently I’ve realized that there is the light along with a stair case or something leading up to this brilliant light. I actually just woke up from a dream and a guy wearing a tux who was in a bathroom before walked into this light, I had hardly noticed it in the dream but still remember it. The guy wasn’t significant but the light was.

Thank you for that connection. I have actually watch a few things from him in the past WOW he has exploded he is an amazing person. I’m looking forward to listening to more of his music. :content:

The dream about the lighthouse could of been easily missed but when i remembered it in the morning it was profound and filled with so much knowledge.
In that moment I knew GOD I was GOD and “I AM”. Because of this dream i have become much more consciously aware in my waking life as well. Everything is clearer. For me the light any light is a spark of consciousness. Just as we as individuals are a spark of a grander consciousness. When you choose to put your consciousness into the light and see from the lights perspective is when you feel what the light really is. Imagine what it would be like to be the sun.

Just found the post again! well that night me and my dad decided to watch war of the worlds, so that’s where the space ships came in

And on the name well, Pretty much everything i make is Nicklebrick, i got the nickname in the 5th grade and it never stuck but i liked it and i stuck with it, now for CALD i have a character that is Nicklebrick