How does everyone here perceive their surroundings in their dreams? Do things look the same in real life? Do they look different each in every dream?

Personally, mine are places that I recognize as being the places in my waking life although they are completely different they’re almost always the same layout in every dream that I go to those places, if they’re different then it’s just a little like a room is off and even then I notice that it’s off while I’m in my dream.

Edit to make more sense.

I’ve got a good mixture, I think. I dream of places IRL, places I see in movies or videogames, and also places I’ve never been before. Sometimes places I’ve never been replace real life places, such as a different house being a familiar one.

I dream of places i have never seen before. And usually it looks just as vivid as IRL

I dream of random places, but i have many re-occouring dreams, they are very vivid to me but only when i can recall them well

I’m like MagykKatte. Right now is seems any time I am “at home” in a dream it is either my current house or my last childhood house, or it is an odd mix of both. Usually the outdoor scenery is more made up. But if I think hard about them I could probably draw similarities between them and WL locations. I’ve revisited dreamscapes before in different dreams, though I don’t remember very many of them. I’ve experienced enough for my SC to have a lot of material to work with in creating new dreamscapes.