Dreamsigns and Reality Checks.

I’m a beginner at Lucid Dreaming. I’ve begun a Dream Journal, but to little avail at the current time (my recall is airing on the side of non-existent). So needless to say I don’t have recurring Dreamsigns as of yet. I read somewhere that I should do a Reality Check when I encounter a Dreamsign in the waking world.
This is impossible, having none.

I’ve already made Reality Checks somewhat of a habit, doing two or three when it crosses my mind, which is rather often.

My question is: Should I wait until I have a decent amount of entries in my Journal, to determine a Dreamsign, and then resume Reality Checks? Or would it create no problem Reality Checking with no Dreamsigns?

Try performing reality checks when you do things that you would normally do everyday.

eg. checking the time, walking through doorways.

You should RC AS MUCH AS POSSIBLE! 20 times a day is often not enough, 30 even. Dream signs will come. Think far back, as well as current dreams. The journal is an important step. I suggest reading up WILD and WBTB. Also the best time to have a Lucid Dream, for most is early morning after waking up from a 5-6 hr rejuvenation period of the body. Example, sleep from 11p.m. - 5a.m. Wake up for 30-60 minutes and indulge yourelf in lucid dreaming, return to bed and imagine. Plan your dreams, as if your the director, producer, and actor.

Again read up on WILD and WBTB, in addition to reality checks…

Perform reality checks often. If it’s a habit that’s good, cause eventually you’ll dream of doing a reality check then become lucid.
I see you’re new :welcome:

It is usually when I check the time that I RC, also usually when I read just about anything, sometimes just randomly. I’ve been trying the MILD approach, however I can’t really gauge my progress with it, because, as I said, my dream recall is terrible. I can remember around one every two weeks, and still with holes in it.

WBTB doesn’t seem like something that I could pull off. I’m pretty much dead in the morning, and waking up earlier than needed doesn’t sound like it would work.

Part of the problem might be that I have to wake up at around 6:30 am (for school ¬.¬), and when my alarm goes off, my mind runs blank of anything that I might have dreamed. If any advice could be given to prevent that, it would be appreciated.
And disabling the alarm is not an option, I need it to wake up, else I would never be on time.

And thank you all.

Hi Xardion :wave: welcome.

Waking up early usually hinders our dreams a lot :sad: specially with an alarm since it makes us kind of jump awake. What I’d recommend is trying some auto-suggestion before you go to bed. Tell yourself you’ll wake up naturally 10 minutes before your alarm and remember your dreams. When you wake up try not to move or open your eyes and think right away what you were dreaming about. Like this your alarm will just be a safety net :happy: And don’t worry if it doesn’t work right away, just keep trying!

Mattias- Yeah, I’ve actually just read somewhere about the waking before the alarm technique. That would certainly help if it worked, because before school started, I could usually remember at least a fragment or two when I woke up.

Thanks for your input.

EDIT: I’m glad to say that that technique worked. I woke up within one minute of my desired wake-up time. I was so surprised that I forgot the dream fragment that I had floating in my head (though I remembered it a bit later, and promptly recorded it).