Drugs in dreams

Anybody here ever experiment with drugs in a dream? I have smoked marijuana several times in dreams, and the effects are very similar to those in real life.

I have never experimented with drugs in a Lucid dream becuase they are few and far between, but recently I had a dream where I popped some pills. The only drug I have ever done besides caffine is marijuana so the pills I popped gave me the effect of being stoned. I have a feeling If I did any drug in a dream it would feel just like weed cause I haven’t experinced any other type of high In my waking life so my subconsious has no other model to go by.

In my non-LDs, I have taken quite a lot drugs.

My experiences so far:

Alcohol is pretty much the same as in real life (but often very strong).I often have alcohol dreams after going to sleep drunk, but also if I am not under drug influence.

Weed is also similiar to the real thing, although not as much as alcohol.

Coffee I once felt quite strong in a dream.I ate a huge coffee bean, and afterwards the dream got more vivid and my senses sharpened.I also felt stronger in the dream.I can´t really compare it to real life, since coffee only makes me tired.But I believe to most people coffee feels similiar like in my dream

Mushrooms have strange effects on me.I have never taken them IRL, so probably they are just like I imagine them to be.They gave me halus in some dreams, in others not.One or two time I was sure that I am going crazy, but it wasn´t really frightening.

Acid I only took one time in a dream (and never IRL).Someone put liquid acid on my body, and the parts it touched went kinda numb, but it was a pleasant light feeling.
Then I closed my eyes and saw nice colours.

One time I had a nightmare/bad trip.I don´t know what I took in that one, since the dream started as I was already high.Anyway, to me it felt like mushrooms.At first it wasn´t that strange, I just got a bit annoyed with people talking to me, since I wanted to sit somewhere in silence.
At some point it turned into a nightmare, visions really hit me.I saw friends of me dying or dead.All the time, I knew it wasn´t real (I think one part of me knew it was a dream, the other one knew it were drug induced visions).
Still it was really bad.At one time I screamed out loud, and the sound of my own scream was so high pitched, it was a totally inhuman shrieking.


I find it very suprising that you actually use drugs IRL. :eek: I will never use them (apart from alcohol and caffeine), and I wonder, why do you? I know there is a temporary positive effect, but the risk of getting addicted, the disadvantages for my body is what keeps me from using them…

I never used to dream about smoking weed until I quit, and it’s a raw deal because then I wake up with a Major Jones! :confused:neaksneak:

There are no proven disadvantages if it comes to pot.Actually in a few yrs we might get to know that marihuana is another miracle medicine.Its bit off topic so i wont coninue:)
take care

I used to be afraid of marijuana when I was in d.a.r.e classes at school cause the government funded program told me that drugs would destroy my brain. But eventually I found the truth. Marijuana does not produce toxins that kill or wear out brain receptors (unlike alcohol). In fact, scientific studies will indicate that moderate marijuana smokers can develop a several point increase on their I.Q. scores, even more than non-smokers. My marijuana use is creative and spiritual, I use it to develop understanding, rather than an escape or a social tool.

The positive effect, for me at least, is far from temporary. After getting involved with marijuana my life took a radical turn for the better. I discovered self-analysis and methods of mental conditioning such as meditation and lucid dreaming.

Marijuana is hardly addictive. It is less so than caffiene. There are short-lived withdrawal symptoms as a result of ceasing chronic use. These include anxiety, tension, and decreased appetite. The symtoms are strongest in the first 10 days of abstinence and go away within a month.

Marijuana is taboo because it is illegal, the reason being, it is a device of the United States government and their twisted intentions. If marijuana was legal, people all over the country would grow it at their houses, and subsequently, purchase less alcohol and cigarettes. People wouldnt buy their drugs if they could grow them, and marijuana can be grown very easily in very large amounts. Tobacco and alcohol industries are gigantic, and support much of the economy. The tobacco industry, for example has enough power to control parts of the media, so that negative information about them cannot become public knowledge. The damaging effects on the delicately balanced American system could not be easily repaired as government control of a ‘marijuana industry’ would be futile.

Aside from all this, the cannabis plant is the number one resource on planet Earth. It can produce over 20,000 different marketable products. As a cash crop, it would replace trees for wood production, cotton for cloth production, and environmental damaging fuel resources. All this and it happens to take my consciousness to a deeper level. I say thanks Mother Nature, or God; whichever you believe.
Of course this is just a small amount of information on this subject; this is just some general info. that came off the top of my head to lead some misinformed minds to a better understanding.

Brick wrote,

Slambing alcohool? I amb very disanointad with youb! (BURP!). :beer:

lol: very accurate Firehorse!


I have been smoking marijuana since 12 - now 29. It is so NOT addictive…i pig out for ages, don’t touch for ages…makes no diff, don’t hang, don’t get nasty, and makes no diff to LD’s in my experience. As for braincells…honor student…uni grad…top 15%of IQ’s on planet. My brain seems more than fine !!! Actually that bent self analysis make people far more evolved in my opinion. How many actually “know thyself” ???
I’d be far more concerned about the legal drugs !!! I call marijuana “god’s cure-all”…lol.

Just FYI a man named Robert Randall even got US Supreme court permission to smoke it legally, as it is proven to reduce intraoccular pressure and thereby prolong eyesight in glaucoma patients". Better than any carrot …lol - someone please tell me a legit benefit of alcohol or tobacco. HHHmmmmm - which ones should be illegal …I wonder?

:cool_laugh: LOL! I’m sorry, I know what you’re saying, but that statement is still kind of funny. :wink:

…Anyway…after becoming lucid, I’ve looked (then consequently found) drugs. I havent felt any affect yet but I think I know why. When I do them, I think “I’ll smoke this and see what happens”. I suspect that if I strongly expect to feel the effects, then I will. Just like it can be difficult to summon someone or something once lucid and its easier to walk around a corner and expect them (or it) to be there. Am I making sense?

Hey Sage…lol… I see your point! The diff being I don’t feel the need to smoke it…I LIKE TO SMOKE IT…lol. It’s a choice - not a compulsion.
Sometimes I do it daily for months - sometimes I don’t bother with it for months. Now I generally do it every few weeks as I get more stoned that way…lol…and see it as a bit of a waste doing it flat out as I can’t get bent.

Probably for similiar reasons for those you drink alcohol?

But I am not up to start a drug yes/no discussion in here, so back on topic :wink:
This is a part from a dream I had last night:

… They give me some strange kind of cup, shaped like an egg cut in the middle.About the half of it is filled with sugar, the rest with some liquid.They tell me it is some alcoholic stuff with herbs in it.I swallow it, can´t remember how it tastes.
Anyway, after some time the effects starts, and it really feels a bit like alcohol&weed combined.I drink more of it, and after a while I am quite buzzed.However, it is quite mild.It doesn´t affect my thinking, but I get this drunken perception, together with the flimmering optic of thc.


i smoke all the time in my dreams.

one time, however, i ate mushrooms in a dream. if anyone out there has done mushrooms, tell me if my dream describes how it feels. i feel a wave come over me, and all of a sudden everything is distorted. the walls seem to move, people’s faces melt off, and i keep thinking i control my surroundings. close?

I have had some alcohol in my dreams and it was VERY realistic… I cannot such much about other drugs though, since i havent tried them in real life… But i took some sort of drug once, and indeed feelt very weird and uplifted…

Last night I had a dream that I smoked weed and it made me paralyzed…

i agree with my worst nightmare…i’ll never do drugs. i don’t even drink. i don’t really know why…no one in my family does or uses them so i haven’t had much experience with them, i’ve just always been against them for some reason.

I never have done any drugs in real life, but I do experiment with drugs in my dreams sometimes. I’ll share one of my dreams that I thought it was interesting.

April 25, 2003 ~ Friday

Comment: I just loved this dream!!! I want to experience it again. I wonder what it means though.

“Purple Powder”
-I wasn’t lucid, but I was lucid(?) It’s hard to explain.

In the spiritual forest (I don’t know why I have been dreaming about the spiritual forest a lot lately), my sister and I are trying to build something to help with calling the spirits. It includes gathering the elderly woods found in the forest (specific kind). Finally, I figure it out and somehow made a purple powder. I have cards on the table that I have built with the woods. I get a unique crystal glass to put the purple powder that I invented in. I put my left hand in the powder. I select a card from the pile… while I am choosing… I see “WIZARD, TIME, SLEEP, DREAM, and then finally WAVES.” I select that card, hoping to learn more about it. Suddenly, I feel really weak from the effect of purple powder (a dream drug(?)). My sister (she’s not like my sister’s character IRL) warns, “You’ll feel even weaker. Be careful.” All of a sudden, I fall in a deeper trance. I feel myself fainting and hitting the ground. Everything is now black and I’m floating in the void. I seem to get information from beyond about “The Waves” in the details, but I feel overwhelmed that I wake up too soon. I also have forgotten the entire experience that I had when I was receiving the powerful information (it was very directly and detailed).

What do you think? :happy: Maybe you can try out purple portion for yourself :grin:

i smoke marijuana all the time in my dreams but i never feel any effects from it. However in one of my dreams i ate mushrooms and like ruaicles i was having hallucinations and pressures on my body…