Dying in the dream?

I have been thinking about this while awake for a while, what would happen in you die while lucid dreaming? Either purposively or accidentally. Has anyone tried it? I haven’t had a lot of real lucid dreams yet, and when I have had the few I’ve had I haven’t thought about it, I’ve had a lot of other things to do instead ^^

If done in a LD you’d probably end up in some sort of ‘‘void’’ or pure ‘‘black emptiness’’, since its an LD you could probably still do whatever you want from there.

In a ND you’re very likely to wake up.

I dug up this topic about experiencing death. Basically, it seems that what happens varies from person to person.

You are right, Scientist. But the chances of waking up from a LD or ND if you get killed or die by accident in them are over 90% to be sure.

Once this man with an axe was in front of me. He said something about dreams and I became lucid. He came to chop me and I tried to fly away. He hit me and sliced me like sushi - I woke up :tongue:. So that was a LD - the shortest LD I ever had.

I guess that’s what would happen to most of the people…

Hmm interesting. When I die in a dream, I simply “respawn” in the exact same place I was 10 seconds before I died. In some dreams, I died over 100 times :grin:

Indeed that is another posibility! :happy:

Whenever I die I get to a different location or dream. It’s like spinning in a dream for me.

When I die in a dream without waking up, I dont have a body, but Im capable of creating a new one :tongue: but after all, Ive only died in a dream without waking up once :wink:

Those who fear death will wake up.

I don’t fear death, so I won’t wake up.

I had a very intense dream when I was younger about dying.

It started as a normal dream, I was somewhere with my family. I’m not entirely sure where but I specifically remember being with my mom, dad, and brother. It was in some kind of public place. In my dream something happened, and I was soon aware that I was above my body, and saw that everyone in this public place had died, including me. At this point I became lucid.

Quickly after that everything went gray and shaky, and I “awoke” from this grayness in my dream to find that I was in “heaven”. I experienced this warm, home feeling and knew that I was in “heaven” even though no one told me, and I never saw anything to really indicate it. I immediately noticed that I was on the street that my house was on it, and it was bright beautifully clear day. Knowing that I was in “heaven” I quickly ran around to find that my family was all there with me and was perfectly fine, even ecstatic to be there. My mom was happily chatting with a dark haired woman and my dad and brother on their own just emitting this intense happiness.

After knowing that my loved ones were safe I took off running, effortlessly and incredibly fast to find my great-grandmother who had died a few years previously. Again, without words, I knew that she was with her husband who died before I was born.

I remember being close to them, incredibly close, I was running as fast as I could to get to them. But no such luck, as I woke before I could see them.

This is the most intense dream I have ever had. It was so real, and so beautiful, and still to this day leaves me feeling great. I don’t believe that dying in a dream means that you are dead, obviously, since I am still alive :smile:.

I’ve died in a few dreams in my time. Never lucid, though. What happens to me is that after the moment of death, my dream goes into a still freeze-frame until I wake up. This may say something about my underlying beliefs about death. :smile:

Very good point there! I also agree with this.

I’ve only died in NDs. Every time that’s happened, the world has basically faded to black with a serious sort of finality, followed by me gradually waking up.

I die all the time in my dreams, but I never wake-up. I always just reappear like when one plays a video-game.

I’ve had several dreams in which I died. Let me put some of them here:

December 1999 - I was at school (highschool). I was standing next to the stairs to the locker-room, on the ground floor. Suddenly, a few masked and armed men ran into the school. Everybody got down. Some did because they were scared, others, because they were killed. A few seconds later, everybody was dead. Except for me. I stood up and they opened fire. I felt the bullets piercing my skin and internal organs. I felt hot blood spilling out of the holes, and its heat embracing my chest.

04/05.07.2001 -

I was passing through some old, abandoned factory. I encountered a bunch of drunk scallies. I knew them all from the primary school. They surrounded me. One of them grabbed a razor blade and with one fast move he cut my carotid.

I started to run but I felt a hot blood stream running down my neck and chest. I felt as my deeply cut artery pulsed pushing out blood. Suddenly, I fainted and fell down.

04/05.11.2001 - Day time. I entered a train or a tram. It was in some city: strange but somehow familiar. So I stood there in the last compartment with somebody else (only one more person). Everything could be seen through the big windows in the back and on the sides – that’s why I think it was a tram. Yet, it was driving incredibly fast and straight ahead – that’s why I think it was a train. We were approaching a pedestrian crossing (the rails were placed between two streets). The place resembled me the center of Dąbrowa Górnicza. At the time, there was someone right in the middle of the crossing. The train / tram kept speeding up. I thought it would run over this person on the rails, but in the last moment the person made it and got back on the sidewalk. Right after that, I turned around and saw that the train / tram was heading right towards some building. The rails were literally going into the wall of that building! Already then, the tram / train was speeding frightfully, and I did know that we were going to crash against that wall. Then I looked back at that person on the crossing for the last time, and waited for death. It lasted unbelievably long – hundredths of seconds became perpetuity. And at some moment I felt as we were crashing. It all seemed like in slow motion. We were seized in complete silence, I still saw as we were getting further from the person on the pedestrian crossing. We crashed, I heard nothing, and I kept looking back and I knew I was dead, but felt no pain though. Amazing feeling. I talked to the fellow passenger, about the fact that we had both died tragically. And then I saw as I was floating up in the air. Still slow motion.