Easy Lucid Dreaming? (Was: Hi im new!)

:smile: hey, i wanted to ask you guys something, what is your easy or way to lucid dream, or can i just keep on recording my DJ,with just recording it without nothing else? Thanks.

Keep doing reality checks!
You need to train your mind to question reality. Keeping a dream journal is good, but that by itself will not do much as far as becoming lucid. Create a habit in real life that will transfer to your dream life, which will trigger lucidity. For instance, look at your hands a while, in the dream they will start to blur. Check out all of the tutorials on this site, they are great!

I have to say looking at your hand is the easiest way to become lucid. However the first time that it worked for me, I became so excited I woke up x_x

Yeah, definitely get in the habit of doing reality checks. And also studies show that dreamers who recall at least one dream a night get at least one LD a month. And using autosuggestion raises your chances too. With all those methods combined you’ll be sure to get frequent LD’s without much effort. :smile: