Embarassing moments in the classroom!

Okay, I was wondering, has a teacher ever teased you about a crush? In front fo the whole class? Or anything or the sort? :eek: My history teacher does. To everyone. And guess who he put on the spot yesterday? Me!! :cry:

I was wondering if this has ever happened to you guys before. Because it happened to me…and now the whole school is gossiping about it. :eek: why? Because my history teacher won’t shut up about it!!!

I was wondering if any of you have been through anything like this? LOL. Probably not, but if you all wanna hear what happened to me…I guess I’ll tell you. :wink: But i wanna hear from y’all first!

Is your teacher a guy or girl? :eh:

Anyway, I don’t think I’ve had the exact same thing happen to me, but something similar. I have two close friends that are girls, and they’re twins (and complete opposites), and it’s just easy for me to hang out and talk with them most of the time. But, everyone (students, school staff, EVERYONE…) thinks I’m being picky–saying stuff like, “which one are you going with today?” or “just can’t have one can you?” or stuff like that. I ignore it, mostly because I’m cool with everyone and I know they’re joking, but I have this one teacher (and his suck-up groupies) whom is constantly bringing it up in class. Just this past Saturday (we have school on Saturdays in Japan) he said, “With a girl on each arm for the carnival it’s gonna be difficult to do too much.” And, he’ll make jokes (like on those old TWIX commercials) where he does a bad immitation of me and says, “Two for me–none for you.” Among other remarks. :roll:

Wow, that’s a lot. It gets annoying at times, but I know I’m not doing anything like that (one of the twins is my friend Jin’s girlfriend for Christ’s sake). So, that’s about it for me…how about you? Same thing? :smile:

Go up to your teacher at the beginning of your next class and ask him not to bring up the subject in front of others. If they’re any kind of decent teacher, they will respect your privacy and not do it again. All it takes is a simple request, and they will listen! But nothing will be gained from keeping quiet and letting it continue.

And no, nothing like this has happened to me - namely because I went to a girls’ school and so nobody knew the guys I had a crush on! (Not that I told them, either.) But a teacher once did embarrass me in front of others, so I went up to him after class and asked him not to repeat it - sure enough, it never happened again. Teachers are really quite nice if you talk to them!

i dont think he’s allowed to say stuff like that. that twix thing is harsh…id probably wait until the 3rd time he did it in a lesson then just grab my bag and walk out
A: he wont do it again bevause its “disrupting” your learning
B: if the head finds out he’ll want to know why you walked out…wich will lead to asking the teacher why he took the mick about your personal life so much.
C: you get to miss some of class :tongue:
D: just because he doesnt get any doesnt mean for him to dump on you :grin:

This will get you in trouble. But it’s always good for a personal laugh.

“Sir why are you so interested in my personal life? Do you not have one of your own or are you just jealous?”

But yes, if it’s a continual thing it is harassment.

This happaned to me in the lunch room, there was this guy who was really anoying, he often wore a brown suit, to school, my vice princibale allso wore a brown suit. One day the Mr mock (The vise princibale) set down at our lunch tabale, and I thought it was John (The guy who wore the brown suit to school) So without looking up at his face I proceeding in saying…“Cant you sit somewhere else, This tabale is full”. When I looked up I saw it was Mr mock, and he got up from the tabale, and didnt say anything. I was so imbarassed, I never apologized to him, and I should have, but that is probly the most embarassing moment is school

ouch 51
i know what you mean

Oh area 51 ! Embarasing !

If it was my princible I would just have been like :boogie: , but whatever .

There was a girl in my class I was in love with “Elisabeth” .She didnt know and I felt very bad , see my poems tread , dilemma is because of this .
Then we were in some discussion and came into how hard it may be to say no to help the girl you are in love with to cheat .
And the teacher says :

"Let us now for example say that Petter is in love with elisabeth "

And I try to keep from showing how suprised and shocked I am , come with a bad answer to the question and wonders if it so easy told by my acts ! :wink:

lol petter ive been there too
ive done so many emmbarrassing things it would take till after christmas to list them…and thats if i could remember them all since i was born

haha, well it doesn’t really bother me that much. I actually think it’s kinda funny. :tongue: And you know…I’m not confident enough to make a move towards a guy (I get too nervous to even talk to them…lol), so maybe this is a good thing in disguise. But oh man, I should really say that! “Sir, why are you so interested in my personal life?..” Y’know, I really don’t think I would get in trouble for that, my history teacher lets us get away with a lot more than the other teachers do. :grin:

BTW, my history teacher’s a guy, for those who are asking. I don’t really consider this harrassment or anything- he does this stuff to everyone…so it doesn’t really bug me.
This is long, but this is what happneed in class.

Okay, Mr. E is teasing everyone. And he’s like, “kate, who’s your boyfriend?” I told him I didn’t have one. And then he asked me, “so who do you like?” I fired back by saying, “I’m not telling you.” So then he starts asking random questions like, “is he in this class?” or “does he play basketball?” I just shook my head everytime he asked me something, but occasionally I’d nod. And I was kinda hesitant to shake my head when he asked, “is it someone in this class?” so he thought it was, and named all the guys off in my class. :neutral: (and my crush was in there. )

Usually when he teases people, it doesn’t turn into a big deal. So I’m not realy sure how the whole class got involved with this one! My history teacher asked me, “so, what’s you ex- boyfriend’s name?” I looked embarrassed and shook my head. he’s like “you’ve never gone out with a boy before?” The whole class heard this and my crush -who is usually really focused on his work- looked interested in the conversation. :eek: there were people standing up for me though, so that was cool. They were like, 'well she’s a really good Christian." That’s why I don’t have a BF. Riiiight :tongue: .

And then he started teasing some other people. Then my crush. He was like 'so what’s your GF’s name?" He responded by saying he didn’t have one. He’s like “c’mon, I’m sure there are a lotta girls crazy about you!” I prayed that I wasn’t blushing! My crush laughs it off and mentions that he’s single. he’s usually the quiet type…

But yeah…a lot more happened, but this message is long enough! LOL. A lot of people are asking me who I like now though… :sad: But my crush asked my friend and brother who I liked. And I wonder about that…because he’s not the type of person to get caught up on gossip…some people don’t think he’d be asking just for the sake of asking. but I don’t wanna be naive :tongue: .

sigh jr. high lol

Well when i was in like fourth or fifth grade, this girl that liked me alot came into class, and everyone including the teacher were makign that wooo noise and some other things. and yeah i used to be real sensitive kid and i was relaly emberassed and ughh umm began to cry.

The one time the teacher picked up a letter that this girl wrote about me to her frind how she liked me and how she wanted to date me. well the teacher ran it outloud and wow emberassing not as emberassing as much as the top one.

it sucks though

Number one: I was sitting in English one day, and I was bored. I sit right below a pencil sharpener, close enough to touch it with my nose. So…I did. Several times. I was looking straight up and just sort of touching it out of boredom. I was getting into it when someone saw and started laughing (It must have looked funny, so I can’t blame her). Everyone else saw where she was looking and started laughing when they saw, too. That was a bad one.
Number two: A small one. Someone told a joke in theatre, and since it’s advanced theatre, there are only about twelve people in it. So everyone was laughing, and I snorted. Loudly. Everyone heard and started laughing at that instead of the joke. Not that bad because that is a closely knit class.

I have a great one from 6th grade.

I go up to this girl and boy I know (friends with both) and ask them if they’re going out, since they’re sitting together. Yeah yeah, stupid middle school joke, you all know you did it. Got a few laughs, a couple dirty looks, and walked away from the lunch table.

Later at lunch, the girl walks up to me and said “Why the fuck are you spreading rumors about me?!?!?” I hadnt! So I denied it, and she punched me in the arm (pretty hard for an 8th grade girl, I might add) and stalked away.

After lunch, I head back into homeroom, and am immediatly grabbed by the teacher. He takes me into the back room, and asks me why I’m spreading rumors about the girl. I told him the truth, which was that I hadn’t been, but he doesn’t beileve me. He tells me I’m going to have to stand up in front of the whole class and answer questions about the rumors! (Thinking back on it now, I have no idea why he would do such a stupid thing. Like that would make the girl who was being talked about feel better??) I argued with him for a long time that I wouldn’t, but it’s impossible when your in 6th grade to say no to adults for very long, and so I reluctantly got up in front of the class.

Kids actually RAISED THEIR HANDS AND ASKED QUESTIONS. They weren’t so bad, I just told people I didn’t know every time. I was blushing pretty bad. Then this one kid jumps up and says “I HEARD THEY DID THE NASTY IS THAT TRUE” and I felt so overwhelmed and embarresed that I literally slumped against the wall and slowly fell on my ass, crying. Then my teacher felt pretty bad and had a supervisor walk me around school until I felt better.