Endless dreams where you can't wake up

Every so often, I have a dream (more like a nightmare) where I’m stuck in my bed (SP) and can’t wake up. I know i dreaming, but every time I try to wake up, I just wake up in another dream. Sometimes it feels like im stuck in this circle forever. Iv noticed that it usually happens when I fall asleep on my back.

A few nights ago I had a similar dream where I couldn’t wake up. However, this time I was able to escape the SP and move around. The strange part is that I could see myself sleeping. I tried yelling into my ear “Wake up” a few times and could hear it coming thru into the dream. Eventually I woke up. Also, I noticed in the dream that I was sleeping in a different bed.

Has anyone experienced anything like this?

I may be way off here, but when some type of dream like this occurs, I believe that there’s something that’s occuring in your RL that keeps you in there. I have a cousin that he used to have these types of dreams. He was going through some personal issues and it always seemed to coincide with these types of dreams. Let me be clear, this might not be the case with you, but it’s possible it could be the case on other readers. Is there anything going on in your RL that is bothering you? Is there something that you really really want to do but always end up not doing?! Something you want to tell your parents? Friend? Whoever? Anything that is bugging you inside?

If you feel something like this in RL, what can happen is during the LD, it’ll almost reverse on you. Meaning, that when you want to wake up, you won’t. Let’s say for example, you wanted to tell your mother that she’s falling apart and that her boyfriend is a crack-head and that she should leave him, BUT you never do and it keeps on eating you inside. Well, if you ever have some nightmarish LD and want to wake up, that same “thing” that is stopping you from telling your mother to drop the crack-head is stopping you from waking up.

Just my two cents.

Another thing you can do is enjoy the fact that you can’t wake up and remain in your dream doing various things. That would be the equivalent of telling your mother what you want to tell her. It might even help you in your RL issue.

Just blabbering.

Another posibility is that the fear of this type of dream causes it. That is also common in dreams in general, and in LD’s.
The best way that I know to overcome this, is to plan something to do in your dreams, and put as much energy into the planing as you can. The more time and effort that you put into planing, the greater the chance that it will happen. It is hard to stop a fear by wanting to stop it. It is a lot easyer to stop a fear by creating something else to take it’s place.
If you can’t find anything in RL that is causing the problem, you could also try asking a DC, or if you are just cought in SP in a dream, just shout your question and see what happens. You could get an answer. :wink:

I’ve had it happen before
Not a big deal if you lose lucidity or if you spin or somethin

Hmmm. I’ve heard that sleeping on your back increases the chances of having nightmares. This is a fact by the way.