Erratic Dream Patterns

Some nights I have three or four NDs and occasionally even an LD. On other nights, my sleep is completely dreamless. I wake in the morning remembering absolutely nothing about my dreams.

When I was younger, I could remember at least one dream EVERY night – no off nights. Now, it seems that I cannot predict any dreams without taking egregiously foul substances.

I just want my old dream recall back. Any ideas for regularizing my dreams?

Are you waking up with an alarm?


It could be the reason why your dream recall is erratic. We have sleep cycles which last about 1h30. Each sleep cycle ends with a phase called REM sleep. At the end of the night, the REM sleep phase last about 45 minutes.
We easily recall dreams when we wake up from a REM sleep phase. On the opposite, we just have about 10% chances to recall dreams when we wake up during a non-REM phase. Moreover, non-REM dreams are more confuse than REM dreams, and they look more like normal thoughts and internal dialogue.

If you want to recall dreams each night, you have better to put your alarm on a multiple of 1h30 hours after you go to sleep.