Ever read your older posts?

If everybody were to come to this site, the world would be a nicer place.

       My first post was me introducing myself, and i don't think i changed that much :razz:

Ah… my old posts. So many memories. I actually think I expressed myself well in those older posts, but they are rife with annoying acronyms (thx, anyone? What was I thinking?)

I’ve noticed a few changes inbetween the person I was then, and the person I am now. No longer scareing easily is the biggest change I’ve noted. Another change for the better was ridding myself of annoying acronyms. (Acronyms, leetspeek, and other such things should be kept strictly in chat, where their use is justified.

Now for some notable posts…

Here is my first post, making me a one-post wonder (at the time, of course).

Here is an old post, showing just what a n00b I was. I mean, come on! I didn’t even know what old hag was!

Here is my first and only quest suggestion (as far as I know). I still think it is a cool idea to fight your darkside and win. Prove yourself better than your baser desires. I think I might just suggest it AGAIN. Also, Jack’s post was funny enough to make me laugh. Make love to my dark side? No thanks.

Here is where several members left the forum. I quoted QuiXote here, (who I’m not quite sure is here or not anymore), but the user below me helped me understand why the no drugs policy came in place. It’s kinda like a graveyard, looking at it.

Here is the post that led to the creation of the Chroniclers. I’ve looked back at it, and realized “Wow, everything, save actually having an SD, has happened to this group.” I’m feeling pretty proud.

And now comes the realization, that in two years (and one day) of being on these forums, I only have about five hundered posts. ACKKK!

I check my old posts every so often…

I used to be a weird newbie (not saying I’m not weird).

Ive onc gone through my older posts but im a bit disappointed that the old playground topics have died - they were sooooo funny :lol:! I miss the island and the classroom, wish i could read them again.

hehe… yup i read some of my older posts (but many are merged or locked smacks himself for not posting right

after I lost my first 123 topic (in the days before the playground) I actually saved the pages of the smilie war 123 topic so I could read it whenever I want :happy: and not lose it

Trust sakoda to read my newbie posts…

*Liam looks at sakoda’s posts…

Yeah ive saved half of the old island but id still want to have the rest. Im planning on making a cartoon out of that one day :tongue: Hehe that’ll be interesting.

:nuu: whaa, now the whole host of my weirdnesss comes out !!!
yup i read your newbie posts …nice :tongue:

NOOO not my newbie posts :cry: .

I was such a newbie…

the advantage of having natural ability s is you don’t fabrcicate newb posts :ebil:

Looking back at my old posts NOW I think that I still haven’t changed yet. I still think that it was the right thing to say and couldn’t be changed.

A trip down memory lane…

when Q had 726 posts and i had 262 posts

:eek: How long ago was that!

click the image … the date of posting will be at the top of the posts … that was a 123 testing topic :moogle:

Wow moogle! thats pretty funny :smile:
the forum looked so bad back then (well… different:P)

Sweeet :smile: :content:

It didn’t look that bad (at least it doesn’t look like it did in the screenshot)

I only vaguely remember the previous one, what did that one look like again?

this is the only screenshot i could find

it’s not good quality

oh i forgot … you can actually choose the new forum look or keep to the old style when you edit your profile :eh: … so I didn’t need to show that screenshot :tongue:

yes, you are dreaming moogle :yes:

If you go to the archive, you will get the old layout; it’s not possible to chose it in your profile. At least it shouldn’t be :tongue: (too much work to keep two templates up to date - and i have added so many mods in the new one that the old layout just wouldn’t really work out with that anymore)

isnt it funny … ? almost all things in the task bar are lucid dream related … ( a pity there is already a DreamAddict) *nudges moogle * :razz:
i am about to dive again into the deth of my newb posts , i hope i dont get to ashamed