Ever read your older posts?

Trust sakoda to read my newbie posts…

*Liam looks at sakoda’s posts…

Yeah ive saved half of the old island but id still want to have the rest. Im planning on making a cartoon out of that one day :tongue: Hehe that’ll be interesting.

:nuu: whaa, now the whole host of my weirdnesss comes out !!!
yup i read your newbie posts …nice :tongue:

NOOO not my newbie posts :cry: .

I was such a newbie…

the advantage of having natural ability s is you don’t fabrcicate newb posts :ebil:

Looking back at my old posts NOW I think that I still haven’t changed yet. I still think that it was the right thing to say and couldn’t be changed.

A trip down memory lane…

when Q had 726 posts and i had 262 posts

:eek: How long ago was that!

click the image … the date of posting will be at the top of the posts … that was a 123 testing topic :moogle:

Wow moogle! thats pretty funny :smile:
the forum looked so bad back then (well… different:P)

Sweeet :smile: :content:

It didn’t look that bad (at least it doesn’t look like it did in the screenshot)

I only vaguely remember the previous one, what did that one look like again?

this is the only screenshot i could find

it’s not good quality

oh i forgot … you can actually choose the new forum look or keep to the old style when you edit your profile :eh: … so I didn’t need to show that screenshot :tongue:

yes, you are dreaming moogle :yes:

If you go to the archive, you will get the old layout; it’s not possible to chose it in your profile. At least it shouldn’t be :tongue: (too much work to keep two templates up to date - and i have added so many mods in the new one that the old layout just wouldn’t really work out with that anymore)

isnt it funny … ? almost all things in the task bar are lucid dream related … ( a pity there is already a DreamAddict) *nudges moogle * :razz:
i am about to dive again into the deth of my newb posts , i hope i dont get to ashamed

ahh … you were going to do that Q, so you must have changed your mind :happy: (I should have checked)
so I didn’t waste my time putting up the screenshot image :smile:

I could never step into DreamAddict’s shoes … he is the first member to become a moderator on the forum :happy: … the original mod :yay:

Haha I remember that. When did the layout and all change? It was still like that back in 2003.

check out the LD4all history post [click]and there is more in the other anniversary topics
I particulary like this one [click] which was started by jack

Ah ok. So it got totally revamped a year or so after I left. :razz:

I am back after being gone for about 2 years, I’m not sure why I left.
I came back today because a friend at work started talking about his struggles with sleeping, he can’t sleep because he has terrible nightmares every night.

I imediately started thinking about LD4ALL and I felt an urge to come back here and pick up Lucid Dreaming again.

Now, a few years back I was a depressed insecure little brat, it’s weird what two years has done to me, I dug up some old posts from that year. I just can’t help it but laugh, it’s really funny, cause I have changed ALOT on these years.

Worst self confidence ever, that’s kinda funny cause my confidence now is probably way above average. I can’t say I have found true happiness, but I am deffinetly not depressed, can’t say I miss my teenage years. :smile:

Hahaha, that is insanely funny. I have more sexual partners now then ever, I can get practically any girl I’d want. (call me cocky but it’s true)
BUT the sad part is I actually want to fall in love and stick to a girl, but I’m just not falling in love anymore. It’s almost like (I know this is going to sound scary) but I have grown out of the ability to love, I simply don’t fall in love anymore.

I don’t know whats worse, breaking a girls heart or getting your heart broken, I know both are no fun.

Anyways it was fun ripping up some old posts, I have changed COMPLETELY and it seems like I am the total opposite of who I used to be. :smile:

I remember on another forum once when some newb resurrected a five year old thread and I ended up re-reading one of my old posts.

I had to do a doubletake and make sure nobody was haxing my account. I’ve changed that much. That was a long time ago, too. That post was when I was still using the alias VeryGnawty