Everything is in the head

You just need to unblock the barrier!
I had my sixth lucid dream this night, thanks to Leeh!
She told me that I need to act like a natural lucid dreamer, that everynight I have a lucid dream!
I know(and believe) I’ll lucid dream this night and in the next and I improve my skills!
Thank you Leeh, Thank you very much !

Awesome and inspirational! :grin: I’ve been having a whole bunch of lucid dream the past couple of days, too, which inspired me to return to this site and maybe have a whole bunch more!

Not maybe…You will have ! Cause you want to !

So, you just think that you are an expert at LD and it happens?

Wow, thanks, ill try that!

be careful this kind of post can be frustrating for others !

Well I know my problems come from the fact that I’m never sure if I will have an LD.
But what is you believe it and it doesn’t happen ? that’s frustrating.

Then you have to visualize it. See yourself suceeding, imagine the way you want to accomplish your feat, state it out loud, be confident, and nothing will stop you :colgate:

That was also my problem! :tongue: It’s the rational mind trying to make sense of everything. It thinks if it didn’t work it doesn’t work…

I haven’t exactly found a solution for this :lol: One thing I think is good is not depend too much on this to the point you can blame it if it doesn’t work. :wink: It’s a great mindset! But that doesn’t mean it’s that simple to completely convince yourself. And it’s not like magic :neutral:

I mean, think about it. If you are 100% convinced that this new way of looking at things works, and the first night it doesn’t work and you get sad/frustrated/disapointed. That doesn’t sound like something someone 100% convinced would do! It probably means a tiny part of yourself doubted it a bit. There could have been a million other reasons why you didn’t LD…

Anyway, IMHO I don’t think this should be used as a technique alone, just as a mindset to go along with whatever else :wink: (although anything that unblocks the barrier is valid!!)

Interesting, though may I ask a question? How do you give yourself the 100% confidence to begin with? I always convince myself that I have convinced myself when really in the back of my head my brain says “this isn’t going to work.” This mindset came from repetitive failure with auto-suggestion and I can’t seem to shake it off. Any tips?

I agree with you mattias, I felt convinced yesterday but it didn’t work as I think it would (meaning I did not have LD) BUT I had an interesting night nonetheless, and interesting things to put in my DJ ^^

Tosxy. :ok:

I have an advice for all the doubters - find excuses,
“Oh, I will absolutely have a LD tonight because I ate a banana”
It’s just an indirect way to control it,
Just like indirect dream control -
“I will fly because I drank the potion”
And not direct such as -
“I’ll have a LD because it’s really nothing but my decision” (having LDs)
“I’ll fly because it’s my dream and I control it” ( dream control)
For some reason, some people have problems with direct statements. :bored:

But if you still don’t have LDs as frequent as you want to,
Maybe that means your SC needs a little rest, don’t rush it!
Try meditating a little, or better - promise your SC that you’ll meditate AT the LD.
I guess that with practice, your SC will need less and less recovery time from LD to LD, so you can get awesome LDs EVERYday. (but for that to happen, you need to expect progress.)

why would my SC need recovery from LD ?
At first I thought I was restraining myself because I was afraid too many beautiful LD would make me think that reality was not worth, but now I know in a way you always have something that pushes you to do something of your life. So I really want to have LD all the nights, but my logic keeps telling me that I need to find a path to do that, not just wish for it by believing I’m gonna have an LD every night.
But we all are different, and sometimes the same rules apply to all of us. But here I’m ok with that difference between direct and indirect influence on your SC. Maybe the “find a path to LD” to me is a way to say “if you want to have LD, then you are in control, and if you want to be in control, you need to know a method that work with your self, because with a method, you have steps, to learn, and take it easy”.
But I know some people might just need to think it and let it happen. If I let it happen, I won’t believe it will happen, because why did it never happened in the past years ? When I had an LD before, I often wished strongly to have one the other night, and was sure to have one because the place was the same. But I did not and didn’t know why. So I think now that I must learn the way to have LD often, and for me it will come with practice and understanding.

But let’s see if “just believing it” can happen everynight of this month and the month to come for idanl09 ! I want to know :smile:

So, what’ll happen if you’ll create a path for yourself?
The path thing is actually an indirect excuse in itself! -
“I’ll have a LD because I followed the path \ technique.”
So if that’s the excuse that helps you get LDs,
Use it! :happy:
You can create even more excuses that you find logical and not ridiculous - all to get the doubt out.

yes that’s what I’m trying to find out ^^ and when I have the answer, I’ll share here so that it can serve others :wink:
Yes I agree that’s an indirect excuse of my SC to integrate the fact I could have LD every night (that will change my life ^^ well…discovering this forum already did the job, in part !) because I know a part of my old self still thinks “maybe for you LD happens randomly”, you know in case I really fail at provoking LD…but I want to kill that part and believe !! I want to believe (fox :wink: )

Listen to Leeh!!! lol
She’s right…find excuses, I found one this day, so you can find every day!
Good Luck !

I recall reading about how to deal with those little demonic voices in your head, NLP style. :tongue:

Googling to edit with result
Finally! :happy:
I found a series of three articles - just about that.
Part 1
Part 2
Part 3

Good luck with your quest. :smile:

maybe I didn’t read the first post right, my question should have been “how do you act as a natural LD dreamer ?” you just go to bed thinking “i will have a LD!” ? but didn’t you believed this in november 2009 idan ? what was the change ?

I’m just arguing the simplicity of the statement “just believe it” ^^

what about when this happens : “I had an LD this night but didn’t think about it and done nothing to have it”.

Colors, I posted my thoughts on the matter in my DJ post for today, such a coincidence :tongue:

Man, Leeh is so wise :peek: I like the excuse thing! We tend to feel bad when we make excuses, but this sounds like it should help. It can also go backwards. If you really believed you would have a LD and didn’t you can think “oh, it was because of that dog that was barking!” or “it was too cold last night to LD!”

@Xzontar: I’ve always found it hard to believe 100%. IMHO I don’t think it’s all that simple, actually :tongue:

I think a LD that I had the other night helped me see things clearer. The problem is this might be personal and not apply to everyone and I think it might be more towards a long term thing (since I’ve been LD’ing for 2 years and still have trouble sometimes :sad: ) Anyway, since I’ve had a good number of LD’s I KNOW I know how to have them and I realized my SC also knows and accepts that I want to LD every night. So who the heck have I been trying to convince!? I thought I had to convince my SC that I wanted to LD, but it turns out it was only my conscious mind trying to convince… my conscious mind! And that doesn’t make sense if you think about it. How come the conscious, that is certain about this, feels like it has to convince ITSELF about LD’ing, if it already is convinced!? :eh: So I sort of got to the conclusion when it comes to the conscious mind it’s not really a case of convincing, it’s actually somethinkg closer to accepting. Accepting the possibility that you can LD whenever you want and there is nothing the conscious mind really has to do! It’s hard for it to accept that though, in the same way as it is hard to silence the inner chatter: the conscious rational mind always thinks it has to do something. If you’ve tried meditating you know how it is :tongue: I guess it’s the ego, that think that if it doesn’t work (endlessly rambling on in your head about everything and anything, when you know you don’t need or want to be doing that at the moment) it fears it will die or lose it’s job. :neutral:

So I believe now, if you’ve had enough practice to feel you kinda know how to LD at least, there is no convincing needed. Only accepting that you can do it. You don’t have to think or feel, just do it! It’s hard to understand exactly what I mean, but that’s just the rational mind not being able to fit in the pieces perfectly! This kind of acceptance does not come through logical thinking :confused: That’s why thoughts like “I really believed I’d LD but it didn’t work!” has no reason to exist… it’s just trying to rationalize what can’t be rationalized (and in my own experience, at least, it’s just running in circles :wink: )

Argh, I got lost and ended up making a huge post :rofl: I hope it makes at least a little sense. :mrgreen_hat:

It is ! thank you for adding smart things to my post ! tongiht everybpdy will dream lucid!

id try to meditate on it during your WBTB 30min intermission