Extremely sleepy in LD

It looks like my LD s are picking up again after months without them. A couple of days a go I had a really weird one though, where I was feeling very sleepy and I was hardly ableto keep my eyes open in the dream. At a given point this became so bad that I wanted to wake up so I could go to sleep :confused:

Anyone experienced this effect in a LD before? I know you can be tired and sleepy in waking life but actually we arent supposed to be tired in a dream…because we are already sleeping, do we?

Ofcourse this dream was wasted and I woke up. Last night (two days later) I had another LD but this time I was feeling normal…

(Edit: but I have to tell that I was dreaming about a doctors consultation where I was waiting in a room for my turn, and I felt asleep while I was waiting there…in the dream! So in stead of a false awakening it was a false falling asleep :eek: The dream i had then was lucid but I decided to wake up as I was still convinced I was in that waiting room and affraid to miss my consultation)

Yea this tends to happen to me in dreams too. In the latest one, Claire Holt was trying to make me RC while I was dozing off. She kept waking me, telling me to RC, and eventually makes me RC by taking my hands and rubbing them together since I couldn’t do so on my own. Once I became lucid I fell asleep.

I experienced this during one of my very first LDs. I woke up in bed and performed an RC and became lucid but suddenly felt incredibly sleepy. I wasn’t able to control it, ultimately waking up. :razz:

Yes, something this happens to me. I am prone to fainting in waking life and in dreams I often feel a very similar sensation. It’s I can’t keep my eyes open or concentrate on what is happening. Of course, in my case this is then usually followed by an inability to stand or control my limbs and I end up just sinking to my knees, then to floor and my vision and hearing fades out. I use it as a dream sign, but it makes it very difficult to accomplish anything after that point and I usually wake up out of frustration.